‘I stand outside Asda asking shoppers for electric money and have 20p to my name’

Mick Thompson can be spotted standing outside Asda pleading for any spare change and today bravely reveals his plight in Leeds to highlight Leeds’ ‘extremely challenging’ homelessness problem

mick thompson
mick thompson

A desperate man who has ’20p to his name’ has bravely told how he has been forced to turn to pleading with customers outside an Asda supermarket for ‘electric money’

Mick Thompson is often spotted asking people for cash outside the entrance to the supermarket in Leeds and spoke with a reporter about his plight.

He is desperate for cash and tells customers: “I need some money for electric” before pleading with them for any change.

LeedsLive reports Mick had just 20p to his name and he is staying at a friend’s flat whilst his pal is on holiday.

The 55-year-old is often seen sleeping rough and chooses to sleep in bushes where the foliage provides some respite from the cold.

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Mick Thompson claimed to have 20p to his name


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Mick, originally from Leeds, West Yorkshire, says he suffers from a “psychosis of some kind” which causes forgetfulness and makes him walk on the spot.

He’s found some laboring work, digging up holes to pitch fences, but decided not to turn up and went to Asda instead.

And he says there are lots of “kind and very nice people” who enter the Asda, east Leeds where he has returned for about a week.

Mick also commended the security staff there, calling them “good people”.

But he explained how desperate his situation is when he has been unable to sleep on people’s floors or rely on friends for a bed for the night.

He said: “I’ve had to sleep rough loads of times, it’s b****y cold. I’ve slept in bushes just down here [Harehills Lane]doorways and all over the place.

“It’s very uncomfortable, it’s cold and there’s no mattress. I usually just have a coat to sleep on. The bush just stops the wind and that. I look for any bush that’ll keep me preserved.

Mick Thompson can often be seen begging by the entrance of Asda


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“I look for somewhere I can light a campfire, that’s what’s most important.”

Mick says the best location for a camp fire is Temple Newsam, where he’s slept a couple times.

He claims to have been begging for about 10 years since losing his laboring job.

“I was smoking near a blasting site. Its got explosives near it,” he said regretfully, about losing his job.

Mick claims the most he’s received from someone whilst begging is a couple of pounds.

Asda declined to comment on the regular appearance of Mr Thompson outside the supermarket.

Leeds City Council last year said many of the issues associated with rough sleepers and the homeless remained “extremely challenging” and were committed to doing “everything possible” to offer the best possible support.

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