‘I shopped Primark’s new vibrant spring homeware collection – here are my top five picks’

With the promise of nicer weather looming on the horizon, many of us will want to give our home décor a bit of a much-needed refresh.

And Primark is here to help us do just that, as it has launched a brand new vibrant pink and florals homeware collection to brighten up your home for less.

The budget high-street retailer recently expanded their home department in multiple Scottish locations due to its growing popularity for providing stylish items at low prices.

From minimalist style pieces to retro kitchen collections, the fast-fashion retailer’s home department regularly gives customers the opportunity to redecorate their home with on-trend items.

Now, shoppers can add a touch of spring florals and blush pink to their homes to give their homes those spring vibes for the newer season.

The new collection features some of this season’s hottest trends

From body and bubble candles to dried flowers and woven storage baskets, the new collection lets customers shop the latest on-trend items.

What’s even better, is that shoppers can get their home refreshed and trendy without ever having to break the bank, as prices start at as low as 80p.

While I know absolutely no-one needs any excuse for a Primark trip, I have decided to rummage through the new collection in my local Aberdeen store.

I popped into my local Primark store based on Union Street and managed to find quite a few lovely items that would be perfect for any home décor fan.

So, whether you are looking to add a splash of color to your home, or you just want to know what is on offer, then here are my five highlights.

pink body candle

Price: £2.50

The pink body candle
The pink body candle

Body candles have become quite the trend this year, with them dominating nearly every social media feed possible.

Now you can get in on this year’s hottest candle trend for much less. Perfect for those Instagram snaps!

Crystal quartz tealight holder

Price: £3.50

The crystal tealight holder
The crystal tealight holder

If you’re looking to add a touch of the crystal trend to your home then this tealight holder is perfect.

It’s simple and will add a nice glow to your home with a tealight popped inside.

Blush pink soft touch throw

Price: £10

The soft touch throw
The soft touch throw

No home is complete without a good throw and this blush pink throw is sure to add a touch of softness to your home.

Also, if the weather improves, it’s lightweight enough to be pop over yourself while your maybe drinking a cup of tea, or reading a book.

Floral trimmed cushion

Price: £10

The floral trimmed cushion
The floral trimmed cushion

Cushions are a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine and I think this adorable cushion will add a touch of florals to your home to make it look very spring.

Purple bubble candle

Price: £2.50

The purple bubble candle
The purple bubble candle

Get yourself in on this year’s hottest homeware trend – the bubble candles.

This unconventionally shaped candle is not only on-trend, but it also gives your home décor a bit off a twist.

Primark’s vibrant spring homeware collection is in-stores now.

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