‘I shopped Home Bargains latest Star Buys range and found picnic must-have’s for under £5 – my top five picks’


The sun is shining and the schools are out for summer, meaning quite a few families across Scotland will be planning some time out together. Whether it be a picnic or a BBQ, most will be looking for ways to spend time in the great outdoors.

And if you are in need of any new summer items that won’t break the bank, then everyone knows that a trip to Home Bargains is usually on the cards. The high street budget retailer has become a fan-favorite amongst shoppers who are looking for a range of household products that won’t break the bank – and their summer products are usually a hit.

From swimsuits and beach towels to BBQ grills and picnic baskets, the discounted chain has everything you need to get yourself summer ready, even if you are not going on vacation.

Which is exactly why I decided to, once again, head to my local Home Bargains to see what sort of summer range they currently had for those looking to pick up a few budget-friendly items. Heading into my local Aberdeen store, I was once again not disappointed with the retailer’s range of items they had, as I managed to find a range of picnic and BBQ accessories that won’t break the bank.

Home Bargains in Aberdeen
Home Bargains in Aberdeen

From drinks dispensers and wine glasses to bowls and cups, Home Bargains currently has a range of excellent items that you and your friends can pick up next time you are in store. Not to mention that the range features vibrant colors such as green, yellow and pink – perfect for those summer vibes!

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Also, it is worth noting that pretty much all of the items were plastic, and while that might not sound rather interesting, it does make them exceptionally family friendly. You won’t be sweeping up any broken glass from any “little accidents” that do tend to happen at every BBQ or picnic.

And with prices starting at as low as just 79p and not going over £3.99, you can hardly complain if a few of these adorable Outdoor Living items end up in your basket. You might just have to plan your next garden party just to have an excuse to pick up some items.

Here were my top five buys from Home Bargains Star Buys range that will be perfect for picnic and BBQ season this summer.

Drink Dispenser

Price: £3.99

The Drinks Dispenser
The Drinks Dispenser

Serve up your drinks in style with what I consider to be the best buy from the entire range right now. Whether it be fizzy drinks, water or even some fruity cocktails, this dispenser is perfect for keeping the drinks flowing at any picnic or BBQ you have.

You won’t need to consistently get up and pour yourself, or your guests to drink. Just press the tap and you are good to go!

Plastic Pitcher

Price: £3.99

The Plastic Pitcher
The Plastic Pitcher

Similar to the drinks dispenser, this plastic pitcher is perfect for storing any drinks to keep hydrated this summer. Personally, I think this would be perfect for the picnic with the kids. You won’t have to keep opening new bottles or buying them a bottle of juice when you are out.

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Plastic Tumblers

Price: £2.49

The Pack of 6 Plastic Tumblers
The Pack of 6 Plastic Tumblers

You can’t use your pitcher or drinks dispenser without any cups, am I right? Not to mention that you are getting a packet of six for just £2.49, which is less than 40p per tumbler.

Also, if the cocktails are flowing at your picnic, then these are handy for making sure there will be no broken glass around for someone to get hurt.

plastic bowls

Price: 79p

The Plastic Bowls
The Plastic Bowls

These adorable plastic bowls are perfect for pretty much any occasion, not just picnics and BBQ’s. They are especially handy if there is anyone in the family who is prone to accidentally breaking dishes.

Summer Ice Cube Tray

Price: £1.29

The Summer Ice Cube Tray
The Summer Ice Cube Tray

With there being quite the summer heatwave at the moment, no-one will be looking for any lukewarm drinks – meaning you will need a lot of ice. Quickly nip into your local store and fill it up with water before popping the ice into your drinks dispenser or pitcher to keep those drinks cool while you bake.

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