“I refuse to put the heating on when I can use this handy £7.99 Aldi Specialbuy” – Bethan Shufflebotham

I’ve been working from home for just under two years now, and as a rule, I refuse to touch the thermostat even when it’s freezing.

There’s only me in the house most of the time, and it seems ludacris to have the heating on just for me – particularly when energy prices are going through the roof.

Although I’m quite nesh, I’d sooner get a jumper, scarf and blanket and wrap my fingers around a cuppa before cranking the radiators up a few degrees.

And there’s one purchase I made at the weekend that’s been keeping me cozy all day – and makes me wonder how I ever lived without it.

The Aldi faux fur foot warmer is only £7.99
The Aldi faux fur foot warmer is only £7.99

On Sunday’s Aldi specialbuys, the budget retailer launched a selection of hot water bottles – including faux fur foot warmers.

Coming in navy and grey, the warmers are £7.99 each, and are great for keeping your feet warm during the colder months.

The product description reads: “Whether you are snuggling down on the sofa, or want to warm up your feet in bed before sleep, this foot hot water bottle is perfect for keeping your toes toasty.”

As soon as I get up in the morning, the first thing on my to-do list is to flick the kettle on. I simply can’t do anything before I’ve had a cup of tea.

Around 10 minutes after the kettle has boiled and I’m halfway through my morning brew, the water in the kettle is cooled just enough to add to the hot water bottle.

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You should never use boiling water as it can damage the seams of the bottle and later lead to splits and adds to the risk of burns.

Also, when filling the bottle, be sure to hold it by the neck and lean it on a flat surface, else the hot water can erupt out of the top of the bottle and burn you.

The Aldi foot warmer has been a godsend as the weather temperatures dip
The Aldi foot warmer has been a godsend as the weather temperatures dip

When the hot water bottle is around two thirds full, I carefully squeeze out the excess air and tightly screw the top on before flipping the furry cover back over.

The hot water bottle – which conforms to British Standard – is encased in a cozy cover with a rubber base to prevent slipping.

There’s also a pouch where you can slip your feet inside and rest them on top of the hot water bottle, which is separated by a snuggly piece of material.

The heat circulates in this pocket – which comfortably fits both of my feet – keeping even the tips of my toes toasty and warm.

Not only is it warm, but it’s so comfortable – in fact, I might even prefer it to wearing slippers. And it feels rather tactile underfoot, too, as the water molds to the arches of your feet.

The innovative design means you can also use it as a regular hot water bottle. The bottle can be totally removed from the cover, or it can be used inside the cover and used to ease aches and pains.

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One of my favorite ways to use it is to put it in my bed around half an hour before I plan on going to sleep, removing it before climbing in for the night.

It's been keeping my feet snug and warm without needing to put the heating on
It’s been keeping my feet snug and warm without needing to put the heating on

This warms up my covers so it’s extra snug when I’m dozing off. However, if you plan on doing this, be sure to remove and empty the water bottle before you go to bed, due to the burn risk during the night.

The heat lasts for around three hours, but even then it’s still warm – but you might want to empty and refill it to stay warm throughout the day, especially if you’re doing an eight hour shift.

the faux fur foot warmer is a real godsend and a great price, and if you’re boiling the kettle for a cuppa anyway, it’s a double whammy.


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