‘I made my half-sister, 4, non-vegan food and her mum says I disrespected her’


A woman says she was accused of disrespecting her toddler half-sister by making her a vegetarian pizza -rather than it being vegan.

In a post on Reddit, she shared how her step-mother, the mum of the toddler, is “extremely health-conscious” and only feeds the girl an organic vegan diet.

The woman explained the spat began after being tasked with looking after her sibling at short notice.

She writes that she’s ordinarily ‘understanding’ of their dietary requirements, but had little options in the house and chose to make vegetarian pizzas for herself and the four-year-old, the Mirror reports.

Despite trying her best, the woman says the girl’s mum was not pleased and says the writer shouldn’t babysit again until she ‘learns to respect her wishes’.

Conflict between mother and daughter.  Quarrel
The woman’s step-mum said her actions were ‘disrespectful’

In her post, she said: “My dad has a four-year-old daughter with his current wife, my step-mum. My step-mum is vegan and extremely health-conscious after surviving cancer, and only allows my sister food that’s vegan and organic.She believes that anything else is poisonous and cancerous.I try to be understanding of this, although I myself am not vegan or vegetarian.

“She asked me last-minute to babysit my sister last week and dropped her off at my apartment at around 9:00 am that morning. She initially told me that she’d only be gone for 2 to 3 hours, but didn’t pick her up until almost 2:00 pm due to an appointment running late.”

She continued: “My step-mum packed a bag that contained only apple slices, a zip bag of cauliflower crackers, and some organic juice. By noon, I was hungry and didn’t want to make myself food without feeding her, and she had already eaten her snacks. My healthy food options were limited, so I made some veggie pizzas for us and gave her juice and fruit snacks as well.”

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The woman was honest about what she had fed the youngster when her mum came to pick her up, and she was furious, claiming the food was “unhealthy” and refusing to let her baby sit until she can “learn to respect” her dietary requests.

“After my step-mum came to pick her up, I told her what we had for lunch and she was upset that I gave her daughter non-vegan cheese and fruit snacks, but referred to everything as unhealthy,” she added.

“She thought I should have either waited until she came to pick her up, or given her some of the raw veggies that we put on the pizza to tide her appetite over until she was picked up.

“My dad has since informed me that my stepmom doesn’t want me to babysit again until I can learn to respect her wishes regarding her parenting.

“I can see how I may be the a**hole given that I knew it wasn’t vegan, but then I also tried my best and didn’t just plop a steak in front of her.”

The woman later returned to the post to offer more information, including an explanation on why she didn’t call or text her step-mum first, and why she didn’t run to the store to find more suitable snacks.

“I did not call or text beforehand because my step-mum informed me that her phone would be on silent while she was in her appointments,” she wrote.

“I also did not have a booster seat to drive to the store, and food delivery services are expensive where I live, which I don’t really have the extra money for at this moment (broke college students things).”

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And commenters on the Reddit post were largely on the woman’s side, as many of them pointed out her step-mum should have provided more food for her daughter.

One person wrote: “You took care of a hungry child. If the mum was truly concerned that she could have sent some vegan food to you.”

While another said: “If that is the diet she chooses for her child then she needs to provide an adequate amount of food for her child. Her being late is not your problem. She didn’t prepare properly and you chose to feed a child instead of letting them be hungry.”

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