“I have come to live again, I have overcome cancer”: the story of a health care company that excites us all | Day by day

After all the bad news that we have known in the last few days, in ‘Day by day’ We wanted to get oxygenated and close the year by listening to the particular stories that have made our listeners happy.

One of the most emotional has been that of Sonia, a health worker from Alicante, who through tears has told us that she has come back to life after overcoming breast cancer. It was two months ago when they gave him the news that he had been cured. He tells us that he has already returned to work and has not wanted to miss the opportunity to send a kiss to all his patients and their families, “they are the best positive energy we have.” In addition, he wanted to make an appeal as a health, “do not forget us.” He has also sent a message to all those who are experiencing the disease at the moment: “This is overcome, keep going”

For Noemí, from Pontevedra, the best news of 2021 is that she has passed her teaching exams. “I was bored so much that I said, I’m going to start studying,” he confessed to us. And to celebrate that he had passed the exams, he gave himself a “whim” and adopted his dog Loki. But all that glitters is not gold since he also denounces that at his ’40s’ he still has a trainee contract.

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Santiago, unlike Noemí, celebrates that two months ago he retired early and told us that he has a very busy new life since he collaborates with the Rivas Food Recovery Network, goes to the theater, goes out for a run … She is glad that she has been able to regain her health after the “pressure and stress” of working in a bank.

Miguel, from Madrid, has fulfilled one of his dreams: to live in Paris. Since September he has been in the French capital for work reasons. In addition, he tells us that the cliché that Paris is expensive is fulfilled. He lives in a 30 m2 apartment that is worth 1,300 euros, but luckily his company bears this expense. He also celebrates that this year his relationship with his new partner has been consolidated, “he supports me a lot.”

When the coronavirus brings you closer to love

Alberto, from Tenerife, is celebrating his anniversary, since tomorrow it will be a year since he left the hospital due to COVID, where he also met his partner, with whom he is also one year old. Luckily, he points out that his stay in the hospital was “short” and without seriousness and he was able to meet the person who makes him happy today.

For Ester, from Bilbao, the best news of 2021 is that her son has married. “It has been a happiness for me.” In addition, she confesses that as a mother-in-law “she does it very well” and celebrates that she has a wonderful daughter-in-law.

Toni, from La Gomera, is “extremely proud” of how the Canarian people have behaved with La Palma and highlights that the best thing that has happened to them this year has to do with their children. He celebrates that his daughter has been able to undergo surgery “at last” for lipedema, a fatty tissue disease characterized by the accumulation of pathological fat in the arms and legs; and that his son, after seven years living in England and working as a waiter, has found a job in the Canary Islands related to the career he studied, Environmental Sciences.

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