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Max Verstappen has won the Formula 1 World Championship by overtaking Hamilton on the last lap. Pedro Martínez de la Rosa and José Antonio Ponseti have passed through ‘Carrusel Deportivo’ to analyze the end of the season and the victory of the Dutch. “What a historic day for motor racing fans, I had never experienced something like this in my life “, stressed De la Rosa in a historic high after a great race at the Yas Marina circuit.

I’m shedding tears

De la Rosa: “It was a spectacle, I have to say that 2008, which was also decided in the last corner of the last lap when Hamilton overtook Glock and beat Massa, was also very good. But this year if we look at it Globally, there have been spectacular races, one after another. Every race has been something epic, it was not just the end. The two super-champions have shown that they are above the rest of the drivers. “

Ponseti: “I liked that they covered my mouth. Not only has the duel between the two been the milk, the decisions, that last accident, but also Sainz gets third and finishes a scandal season. For what we had in the script with Ferrari, tears come to my eyes “.

“The day a soft drink brand beat a car manufacturer. Mercedes wears that mosquito is because of that. Mercedes is dedicated to this and we have seen that they have done an exceptional job with the Hamilton engine with the end. season we have lived, but in the end the RedBull rogues have cast a goal throughout the squad. They tell me five laps from the end that Verstappen is going to win and I break the box. “

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De la Rosa: “It was clear, Verstappen really takes the inside and the vertex in the braking. For me he had stolen his wallet, he had legally overtaken him and I had to give him back the position.”

“Verstappen would have to make a monument to Checo Pérez because that defense of position against Hamilton, which has cost him 5 or 6 seconds, in the end is what has earned Verstappen the title. If Hamilton had had those seconds in his pocket In addition, nothing would have happened to him. It was all because he did not have that enough time to have that additional or free entrance that is said. That is teamwork. “

“When the ‘Virtual Safety Car’ came out, Verstappen took the opportunity to change tires because at least he did the opposite of Hamilton. The whole race has been defined by RedBull doing wonders with the strategy. They have always gone against the tide. They have been aggressive and they have done very well. “

Ponseti: “Not in the race for me, when I have seen it it has not given me the feeling. But when I have seen the repetitions you say yes. On the air I said that it was not necessary to return the position”.

“Latifi has free cans for the next 300 years of her life.”

“It was beastly”

De la Rosa: “We have seen a race that was decided with a red flag two laps from the end. In this World Championship we have seen Hamilton go out alone on a starting grid … but we have never seen a World Cup decide to a single and final lap. It was beastly. What Verstappen did in the last lap is that he passed him where Hamilton did not expect it. It was a show. “

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“With the perspective of what happened … Mercedes was afraid. Afraid that there would not be time to withdraw Latifi’s car and when entering the pits you would come out behind Verstappen with Safety Car that could reach the end of the race.”

The last test to De la Rosa

Best pilot?

In this sport there is no tie, but it must be said that it is Verstappen because he has been champion. If Hamilton had won it would be him. It has been very even.

Revelation pilot?

Carlos Sáinz. Spectacular what he has achieved in his first year with Ferrari, nobody expected that he would win at Charles Leclerc.


It is always complicated but I expected something more from Tsunoda.

Notes for Spaniards

A 9 to both. They have done very well. In F1 you have to appreciate that when you have a winning car it is easier to judge the drivers, when you don’t have it you can only judge those drivers with your teammate. There, both Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso have been above them.


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