“I don’t know if Casado will endure the remainder of the legislature”

The Minister for Territorial Policy and Government Spokesperson, Elizabeth Rodriguez, has ensured that “if someone has lost” with the labor reform “it has been the PP, that he has lost the sense of State”, and has said that he should “have him look at it”. He has criticized the ‘popular’ leader, Paul Married, for “take the PP to extremes beyond the extreme right”, something that is “worrying for stability”. For this reason, he has asked him to “change his attitude”: “I don’t know if Mr. Casado will endure the remaining two years of the legislature”.

In an interview in The Hour of 1 of TVE, Rodríguez has assured that the approval of the labor reform leaves him “excited with the future of this country” because it is a measure that “responds to the workers”. “This is a week that starts with good news,” he added.

However, to the question of if the Government would have liked to carry it out the way it happened, thanks to the error of a PP deputy, has responded: “Not really”. “We should all reflect What were we playing for and what were we talking about”: “If we talk about whether we were the usual ones or what forces support the Government or not, we are making a mistake because it was about guaranteeing or not the stability of the jobs of thousands of workers from the country”.

And after also answering that, “Without a doubt”, the Government will continue to count on ERC and the PNV (who voted ‘no’ to the reform) because “they have been partners in all the great reforms that have been good for the country”, they have demanded the “main opposition government to do so”, and added: “Now, I don’t know if Casado will last these two years that remain in the legislature”.

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Rodriguez has argued that the ‘popular’ leader “always, to everything, puts a but perhaps not to show their position on some issues.” And you’ve criticized you’re carrying on “an erratic campaign that takes the PP to extremes beyond the extreme right”, something that is “worrying for the stability of the country”.

“In affairs of state we have no one on the other side”

Regarding what happened with the labor reform, Rodríguez has defended that, “from minute one”, the Government has demanded all groups “to support this reform”. And he has asserted that “If someone has to make him look at it, it is the PP” because “it is the main opposition party and It has not been where Spain demanded”. “If someone has lost in this reform, it has been the PP, which has lost the sense of state”, has continued. In his opinion, “this is the biggest anomaly of this legislature”: “In the affairs of State we have no one on the other side”.

Regarding the difficulties of the Government to carry out this reform, Rodríguez has justified: “For the first time we have a coalition government”. “There is a novelty that also conditions our way of working”, which is that the Executive does not have no parliamentary majority. “Now, with all the difficulties, this government has been able to do things that the previous one was not capable of with an absolute majority”, in reference to the Executive of Mariano Rajoy. Thus, he has listed some issues such as the rise in the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI) or worker protection measures such as ERTE.

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Specifically, he referred to the SMI, although he has refused to “venture” if the next increase will go next week to the Council of Ministers. “I hope that progress will be made and it is true that in recent weeks lThe work has progressed a lot”, has exposed. “The Government’s commitment to raise the SMI is very clear, the president marked as a priority that we do it at the beginning of the year”.

Lastly, about the dialogue table with Catalonia, the leader from La Mancha has emphasized that “the most innovative thing about this legislature is that there is dialogue” and has ensured that my department is working on dialogue and the institutional relationship with Catalonia. “We continue to make progress at the dialogue table,” the minister settled.


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