“I don’t have anything prepared if they give me the Goya”

77 years old and is nominated for Best leading actress at the Goya 2022 for his role in life is that. Share the nomination with Penélope Cruz, Emma Suarez Y White Portillo. For the moment, Petra Martinez has been crowned in the same category at the Feroz Awards. She doesn’t have a speech prepared if she receives the award, so she adamantly tells Julia Varela in as late as late.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen, what comes up in the moment. I don’t know how I’m going to be either. I prefer to go with my head, not blank because that’s impossible, but with nothing in particular”, she comments. Of course, she has a lot of uncertainty but the important thing is that he is happy. “It makes me happy especially because I’m going to see many of my colleagues and it’s a beautiful day, full of nerves but it is the day of the cinema”.

As late as possible – Petra Martínez: “I don’t like to give a speech to the Awards” – Listen now

Just a few weeks ago I received the trophy of the Feroz, with a very peculiar speech: “I’m believing it, more and more. I feel sorry for my colleagues who are all wonderful but the best actress it’s me”. Although “it was a joke” since “believing yourself the best at this is silly to know because it depends on many factors, and you don’t know for sure”.

life was that

In this film by David Martín de los Santos, nominated for the Goya 2022 By novel direction, two women appear in a Belgian hospital from different generations. Maryplayed by Petra Martínez, lives in Belgium for decades and Veronica, by Anna Castillo, has just arrived in the city in search of the opportunities that she did not find in Spain. A peculiar friendship arises between them that ends up becoming a second chance to live for María.

“I understood the character very well, it has nothing to do with me. My life has been completely different. I have not experienced that but I was very close to women who had something similar to María happen to them. She is logical. You catch a good age channel in your life, but you get to another one where you suddenly realize that no, that it wasn’t exactly what you expected and in that case, in this film the view which is Veronica’s character. A vision different and it is within reach of your hand”, reflects

Movie days – life was that

A trip comes to rethink Maria’s life, and also to break down certain taboos such as the sexual desire. This is how Petra said it during the Gala de los Feroz: “I want to tell you that in this film, taking away all the seriousness, how wonderful it has been for me, the most important thing is having masturbated in front of many people, because I think it’s a completely silent issue”.

Although that scene and another made him doubt in making the movie. “The script was beautiful and I liked it a lot, but there was a sequence in which Maria masturbates and another in which she takes off her clothes and goes into the sea. I didn’t see myself doing them and I told my agent “tell him that I loved it but I’m not going to do it“”.

For what was the own of the Saints the one that made him change opinion. “He asked me if we could see each other. So I talked to him for five minutes and I realized that if we did something it would be very soft, very nice and not rude at all. And he also told me ”we get to where you want, while it looks what we want to tell”. So I did it and then when I say that ”I masturbated in front of many people,” it was in front of All the team who was there,” he explains.

Angela and Nissy in Sesame Street

Petra Martínez appeared with her husband, Juan Margallo in the 70s in that children’s series called Sesame Street. Were Angela Y Nissy and they had a store. “It was a very fun stage, it seemed like an independent theater for us. I arrived and entered as I saw myself dressed from home. We were on the air for five days starting at 5:30 p.m. and between 7 or 8 million children saw us along with their families for what I went out to the street and many people knew me”, he says.

Currently where he adds a large number of followers is on his Instagram profile, where he adds 176,000 followers. The content that prevails is your videos in front of the mirror where anything counts or reflects on wrinkles or the agility associated with age. “I love this social network. I’m still an actress in it. I like to tell stories and things that happen to me. In addition there are no spotlights or cameras. It’s me alone in front of my bathroom mirror with my mobile phone,” she concludes.


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