‘I couldn’t have sex for 12 weeks after botched Brazilian bum lift in Britain’


WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Jack Breakwell paid for a non-surgical BBL after years of dreaming about having a bigger bum, however he now ‘regrets’ the decision after catching a brutal infection

Jack Breakwell said his bum was ‘oozing with puss’ after his botched BBL

A man could not have sex for 12 weeks after his Brazilian butt lift went wrong.

Jack Breakwell, 28, from Stourbridge, in Dudley, paid for a non-surgical BBL in the UK after years of dreaming about having a bigger bum.

However, the 28-year-old suffered a ‘nightmare’ experience when his buttocks became infected, leaving him in agony and barely able to sit down.

Mr Breakwell, who insists he followed the proper aftercare, thinks the person who carried out the procedure caused his infection.

He told the Mirror: “I could not have sex with my boyfriend for about 12 weeks because of the sheer pain.

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Mr Breakwell could barely sit down following his procedure


Jack Breakwell)

Graphic footage showed liquid leaking from the side of Mr Breakwell’s bum after the procedure


Jack Breakwell)

“There was a burning sensation across all of my bum. It was a nightmare.

“My bum was oozing with puss all the time, I had to have a sanitary towel attached to my butt cheek.

“I wanted a bigger butt for ages but now I regret it as one cheek is bigger than the other. I wish I’d never bothered, my butt was fine before.”

Mr Breakwell had been following the esthetician who carried out his procedure for years on Instagram and contacted him when he finally decided to have a BBL.

He had seen the individual advertising the butt-enhancing procedure on social media and was drawn in by his affordable prices.

The carer paid £2,800 for the BBL and demanded a partial refund after he suffered an infection


Jack Breakwell)

Mr Breakwell regrets his decision to have a BBL after the ‘nightmare’ experience


Jack Breakwell)

The BBL cost £2,800 and was due to take place on August 6 last year, however it was extended to two sittings, Mr Breakwell said.

He thinks the procedure was extended because his esthetician used what Mr Breakwell believes was the wrong sized cannula in their first session.

He said: “I went with my cousin the first time and the esthetician told me he had never tried this product (the filler) previously.

“I think the cannula he used was too thin for the product. He was putting pressure on the syringe to push it through and it was causing me pain – it was vile.

“It was like he was butchering me. It felt like someone rubbing something across bone.

The 28-year-old said the pain became so bad he struggled to sit down


Jack Breakwell)

One side of Mr Breakwell’s bum and hip is now larger than the other, following the infection


Jack Breakwell)

“I was just able to bare the pain and then he called it off until he got a bigger cannula as he said ‘it’s too much of a workout’.

“He said he would get a different cannula and call me a week later to have the rest in.”

Footage seen by the Mirror shows Mr Breakwell being injected with the filler during his first session.

He can be heard moaning in pain, while the esthetician says “well done, keep breathing.”

After Mr Breakwell confirms that he is okay, the esthetician then lets out a laugh and says “oh the things we do”.

Mr Breakwell said he was told he would be back on his feet 24 hours after the procedure.

However, the carer suffered a nasty infection following the second stage of his procedure on August 26.

Mr Breakwell says he lost his job delivering cars because he could not cope with the pain of sitting in a vehicle for hours on end


Jack Breakwell)

The carer shared footage recorded by his cousin of the first part of his procedure

Mr Breakwell said: “I went back on August 26 and he didn’t have to put as much pressure on this time.

“But he stopped half-way through and called a woman on reception at the salon. He said I’m just going to get her to come up so she can keep you calm.

“I never asked for any support. I just wanted him to hurry up so I could get out. She came up and was drinking Coke while I was there naked from the waist down.

“He put the cannula down while he was chatting to her and then after their chat he stuck the same cannula back in.

“I think that’s where the infection came from as I think it got bacteria on it when it was removed.”

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Mr Breakwell claimed he could barely sit after the procedure and instead spent much of his time lying down.

He was forced to take time off work delivering cars because it was too painful to sit in a vehicle for hours on end.

This eventually resulted in him losing his job, he said.

His pain intensified in the weeks following the BBL and his butt cheek eventually “exploded” with puss.

“The first time it happened was in August. I was sat down in the garden with my auntie and I felt liquid beneath my trousers,” he added.

“I pulled them down and saw this blood and green mucus. It stank. I was standing there and it was dripping down the back of my leg and onto my shoes.

“If I applied a bit of pressure to my leg the liquid would run.”

His partner ended up taking him to hospital after the pain became so bad he could barely sleep.

Doctors at Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley wanted to drain the filler, however Mr Breakwell chose to take antibiotics instead.

The infection kept coming back until one day he squeezed all of the “gunk” out and cleaned the area, he said.

Although he was not happy about the infection, he was even more upset by the esthetician’s reaction when he asked for a partial refund.

He said: “I messaged him and said ‘I’ve been off work, can you give me some of my money back to cover the cost of me being off’. I also had to put my horse on full livery as I couldn’ t look after it.

“He told me I would not get anything back as he said what had happened was not his fault.”

Mr Breakwell said he is still living with the consequences of the infection today.

He said: “One bum cheek and hip is bigger than the other and when it gets cold I get lumps on the top of my cheek on my bigger side.”

Mr Breakwell asked the esthetician for his insurance details to claim compensation, however he has not yet received any information.

The carer signed a consent form on the day of his first sitting, although he denies he gave his signature before the second session.

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