I compared M&S and Morrisons’ Valentine’s Dine in Meals for Two to see if they lived up to the hype

With Valentine’s Day soon, people all across the country will be wondering how to spend the most romantic day of the year.

Truth be told, with the cost of living crisis still raging on, quite a few of us might be choosing to stay at home this year for a luxurious dinner that won’t cost too many pennies.

This is exactly why supermarkets have responded with their own meal deals for couples, singles and groups of friends to enjoy from the comforts of their home.

From love heart churros, prosecco, Wagyu pizza’s and even movie vouchers, supermarkets have really pulled out all the stops with their dine in for two meal deals.

Out of all the deals, though, only one of them is the original and that is M&S.

The high-street retailer has consistently been on top of its game for February 14 with their outstanding three-course menus that offer a romantic meal for less.

Compared to other supermarket’s Valentine’s Meals, the retailer is just that tad bit more expensive as it is priced at £20, while most supermarkets have priced theirs at £15 this year.

That’s why I decided to put the original Valentine’s Day Dine in For Two deal against Morrisons to see which version truly had the best value for money.

After trying them both separately, I thought it would be interesting to see how Morrisons stands up against the long-reigning Dine in King, M&S.

This is how I got on…

The Menus

Both meal deals offered something for everyone
Both meal deals offered something for everyone

Both supermarkets have gone out of their way this year by launching exciting three-course menus that offer something for everyone this year.

M&S have outdone themselves with their “ultimate Valentine’s menu” that includes 30 items that can create 200 different menu combinations.

The retailer also said that shoppers will save a whopping £16.50 with their deal this year!

As for Morrisons, the supermarket’s highly anticipated menu included a variety of luxurious items from their best-selling The Best Range and provides a saving of over £18 if everything was bought separately.

Since both retailers offered massive menus for February 14, I have decided to keep it simple and just judge it purely based on what I tried from both of them.


The Cheese and Leek Soufflé Tarts were a winner in my eyes
The Cheese and Leek Soufflé Tarts were a winner in my eyes

M&S – 2 Cheese and Leek Souffle Tarts

Rating – 5/5

The tear and share bread with Camembert was also good, if a little heavy
The tear and share bread with Camembert was also good, if a little heavy

morrisons – Camembert with garlic and herb tear and share bread

Rating – 4/5

I’ll be completely honest by saying that I was extremely excited by and fond of both starters that I managed to pick up through both deals.

M&S’ Leek and Cheese Soufflé Tarts were an absolute game changer for anyone who loves savory dishes and didn’t want to start off the meal with a heavy starter.

Morrisons was a little more on the heavier side and, I’ll completely admit, that choice was on me for choosing the tear and share bread for starter.

That being said, the were both equal in terms of taste.

The tarts were buttery and flaky with a nice rich flavor of cheese, and the tear and share bread had nice hints of garlic and herbs that worked well with the Camembert.

If I had to choose a winner, I would say that M&S ​​just beats it for the crown and it was purely down to the fact that I loved the taste of the cheese and leeks with the buttery pastry.

I absolutely enjoyed Morrisons Camembert and bread, but it was a little on the heavier side and I will admit that the cheese dried up a little on the quick side.


M&S – Pie love you chicken pie and buttery mash

Rating – 4/5

M&S Pie Love You was a highlight of their menu

morrisons – Sirloin steak with pink peppercorn butter with dauphinoise potatoes and a carrot and kale medley

Rating – 4/5

M&S Pie Love You was a highlight of their menu

Steak and pie are two of my all-time favorite dishes, so I really didn’t go easy on myself with these two options.

Oh well, time to choose which one I preferred.

We’ll start with the Pie Love You from M&S, because that was one of the highlights from the whole M&S range for me and it’s the reason I picked it up.

As soon as I pulled this out the oven, I could see why it was considered one of the stars of the show, as the pastry was buttery and crisp, there was a substantial creamy chicken filling.

Adding on the buttery mash that was velvety smooth and fluffy and I had a delicious dinner from M&S.

The only nitpick I had with M&S is purely down to personal reasons, and that’s that they only offered one side, meaning that I had to source my own veg elsewhere.

Onto the sirloin steak dinner from Morrisons, I’ll say that it is very hard to go wrong with an old fashioned steak dinner and I was impressed with the supermarket’s offering.

The heart-shaped butter did add a nice ‘romantic’ touch to the overall dinner and was a nice touch for the occasion.

The steaks were succulent and the peppercorn butter never over-powered it and the dauphinoise potatoes were rich and creamy – just what I wanted.

Admittedly, the one thing I was not keen on was the carrot and kale medley.

This was purely down to lack of choice in the supermarket, so I feel bad deducting a point for this, but had the carrot and kale been on its own it would have been fine, but paired with the orange zest was…interesting.

Both main courses were absolutely worthy of restaurant class and that’s what makes it hard comparing them, as they were both equally strong and only had one personal nitpick.

For me, they were neck and neck and I would eat both again.


M&S – I’m Bananas For You Sponge

Rating – 5/5

M&S I'm Bananas For You sponge was adorable and stole the show
M&S I’m Bananas For You sponge was adorable and stole the show

morrisons -Pink Gin and Raspberry Jelly Shots

Rating – 3.5/5

The jelly shots were good, but no match against the M&S sponge
The jelly shots were good, but no match against the M&S sponge

Now, I’ll begin this part by being completely honest and say that M&S ​​absolutely blew the competition out of the water with their pudding.

Up until now, both had been neck and neck, but M&S ​​truly knocked it out of the park with this one.

The new ‘I’m Bananas For You’ sponge is gorgeous to look at and it came with the taste to match it’s romantic appearance.

As soon as I took a bite I was hit with massive flavors of banana and hints of caramel that was never too sweet or sickly.

The sponge was also moist and light, which was a good way to end a rather hearty meal.

Now, I’ll talk about the Pink Gin and Jelly Shots from Morrisons, which really only came second place because it was against M&S ​​delicious looking and tasting pudding.

To be fair, I really enjoyed the shots, they were light and refreshing and the real raspberries at the bottom really gave it a refreshing zing.

Both desserts offered a nice palate cleanser after such savory courses, but Morrisons jelly shots didn’t have the ‘wow’ factor or the ‘pizzazz’ that M&S ​​managed to get.

At the end of the day, as much as I still enjoyed Morrisons Pink Gin Jelly shots, M&S has to take the crown due to the fact that I can get Pink Gin shots anywhere.

Overall verdict

I have to give credit where credit is due, because both M&S and Morrisons have given it an absolute good go with their Valentine’s Day deals this year.

Anyone looking to stay at home would be hard-pressed to find faults with either menus that are on offer right now.

But, who was my personal winner?

I have to say that M&S ​​just manages to pip Morrisons for the crown and manage to retain their title as the OG Valentine’s Day Meal.

I can only base this on the menu options that I chose and I understand a lot of shoppers may pick different options, of which both retailers cater towards.

M&S’ entire menu just screamed ‘romance’ from the get-go and they were all truly unique ideas that I hadn’t seen in the store before, so I give them kudos for that.

For just a fiver more, the high-street retailers £20 Dine in Deal is worth it for the extravagant menu that is bursting with options and taste.

In the end, both Dine in Deal’s were worth the money and offered singles, couples and friends a luxurious three-course dinner for less this year.

You can shop M&S Valentine’s Day menu here.

You can shop Morrisons Valentine’s Day menu here.

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