“I called my genius sister a bad mum after she called her son stupid – am I in the wrong?”


A woman has asked Reddit ‘AITA’ if she was wrong to call her sister a bad mum after learning what she said to her son – and the internet has a lot to say

The mother insisted that she was just
The mother insisted that she was just “joking” after calling her son stupid [stock image]

A woman has called her own sister a bad mum after learning that she called her son stupid for struggling with maths, and the internet was furious.

The Reddit user Killerbee333 took to the social media thread ‘AITA’ (am I the a** hole) to ask strangers their opinion on whether she was in the wrong.

She explained: “My sister has a son, he’s in the first grade and seems to be struggling with school a bit, especially maths.

“My sister and her husband are both big nerds who work in tech companies, and by nerds I mean they’re both certified geniuses.”

When the woman was at her sister’s house last month, she explained that her sister was helping her son with maths homework and that he was struggling.

She continued: “After some time, my sister lost her patience and called him stupid. I was pretty shocked by this and asked her not to call him that because it will mess with his confidence.

“She told me that it’s fine and that he knows that she’s joking.”

When the woman spoke to her sister on the phone, her son’s teachers had told her that he had said he was the “dumbest kid in the class”.

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Killerbee333 continued: “I told her of course he thinks that, because you called him stupid and I guess he believes it now.

“She asked me to stay out of it and I ended up calling her a bad mum. She said that she loves her son so much and would never abuse him.

She concluded: “So, AITA for calling her this? Aside from the incident she does take very good care of him.

The Reddit user called her sister a ‘bad mum’ over the phone which caused a row [stock image]



“He loves her so much but it breaks my heart that she called him stupid and that he told his teacher these things.”

It would seem that the internet are very much on the woman’s side after labelling her ‘NTA’ (not the a** hole.)

In fact, most of the comments were very angry at her sister, labelling her as ‘abusive’ and a ‘bad mother.’

One Reddit user responded: “NTA: if she thinks that it’s fine to criticise a 7 year old for being stupid, then it follows that it should be fine to criticise a 34 year old for being abusive.”

Another added: “NTA. Good mums who love their children don’t call them stupid, then try to pass it off as a joke.

“If he’s calling himself the dumbest kid in the class, obviously his mother’s words are rubbing off on him.”

Some users got pretty personal, like one user who said: “So this certified genius doesn’t realise that calling her own child stupid could have lasting negative effects on the child.

“She lost her patience and called him stupid and tried to backpedal out of that by saying ‘he knows I’m joking’.

“What the kid saw there was his mum get frustrated and telling him he’s stupid. There’s no joking there, anywhere.”

Do you agree with these comments?

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