‘I ate nothing but Asda Smart Price food for a week and it cost less than £50’

As the cost of living crisis continues to soar, many families across the country are being left to figure out how to deal with rising prices.

With the cost of energy bills and food rising, it is understandable why so many are looking for the simplest ways to reduce their bills.

For most families, one of the simplest – and most challenging – ways is on the weekly grocery shop which can help cut down costs and reduce food waste.

However, finding something that will feed the full family – grown-ups and adults – can sometimes prove to be more challenging than the idea of ​​cutting down the bills.

Which is exactly why a Parenting Editor from The Manchester Evening News set herself a challenge of purchasing a full weeks grocery shop for her full family with just Asda Smart Price products.

Emma Gill said that she managed to pick up breakfast, dinner and tea and was surprised to find that the impressive haul came to just under £50.

She said: “Admittedly some of the products were lower quality than we’d usually eat and when it comes to buying things like meat, fish and cheese, it’s hard to find healthier alternatives when you’ve got a tight budget to stick to. Not to mention having to sacrifice free range eggs for the caged hen variety.”

Some products from the Asda Smart Price range
Some products from the Asda Smart Price range

Nevertheless, the reporter did find that there were only two items that the family would never purchase again, which were the weak teabags and the poor quality sausages.

While most of the products were bought from the supermarkets budget ranges, Emma did admit that she had to shop in some of the regular priced ranges to make all of the meals work.

Items such as gravy granules, stock cubes and red cabbage to go with the corned beef hash were picked up at the cheapest prices available.

A Sunday dinner
A Sunday dinner

The savvy shopper also said that she managed to stick to their budget by using some items already in her household for some of the meals, such as garlic and tomato puree from home for the chilli, as well as their own salt and pepper.

Out of the whole shop, the Emma did say: “One thing I could have done differently was to buy flour (45p for 1.5kg of plain or self raising) instead of the packet sponge cake and batter mixes, but I wanted to try as many of the Smart Price products as possible.

“While both were OK, and would suit someone not wanting to buy full bags of flour or the other ingredients needed for a cake mix, there’s nothing quite like the homemade versions.”

One lunch from the budget menu
One lunch from the budget menu

At the end of the shop, the savvy mum found that the entire week’s worth of food came to just £49.95 and was “pleasantly surprised” by everything they managed to get.

It comes after the British supermarket chain announced it would be stocking their full budget Asda Smart Price ranges in all of their stores across the country.

The supermarket made the announcement following criticism from the anti-poverty campaigner Jack Monroe who raised concerns about the lack of availability of cheaper products.

A spokesperson for Asda said: “We know that the cost of running a household is at the front of our customers’ minds at the moment, which is why we have made our full Smart Price and Farm Stores range available in all of our food stores and online.

“This includes more than 30 staple fresh fruit and vegetable products starting from just 39p to give customers a choice of affordable healthy options.”

Here’s how Emma’s entire weeks worth of meals went…



Choice of either toast, toast and jam, wheat bisks (Asda’s version of Weetabix), or porridge


Saturday – sausage sandwiches, eggs on toast, cereal or fruit

Sunday – big breakfast with choice of eggs, beans, sausages, bacon, plum tomatoes, mushrooms, toast

The shopper managed to get a weeks worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner
The shopper managed to get a weeks worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner



Sandwich with a choice of fillings – lettuce, ham, cheese, tuna, egg mayonnaise / tuna and mayo pasta or tomato pasta

Sausage rolls

Carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, choice of fruit – apple, pear, or plum.

Ready salted crisps

Fromage Frais


Either a sandwich, toastie, tomato soup, sausage roll, cheese on toast

One of the dinners from the menu
One of the dinners from the menu



Sunday dinner with chicken, carrots, peas, mash, roast potatoes, sausages, Yorkshire puddings and gravy

Sponge cake and custard


Chicken curry using jar of sauce and chicken left over from Sunday dinner

ice cream


Minced beef and onion pie with mash and carrots

Peach slices or other fruit

Sponge cake and custard
Sponge cake and custard


Spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread

ice cream


Fish, chips and peas (mushy or garden)



Chilli con carne with tortilla chips

ice cream


Corned beef hash with red cabbage

rice pudding

Caramel wafer bars
Caramel wafer bars


Carrot sticks, leftover fruit, caramel wafers x 5, chocolate and nut muesli bars x 6, tortillas if not eaten with chilli

The full shopping list

  • Smart Price Wheat Bisks 24x18g 74p
  • Smart Price Porridge Oats 1kg 75p
  • Smart Price 15 Eggs 15pk £1.18
  • Smart Price Mild White Cheddar 825g £3.65
  • Smart Price Salted Butter 250g £1.45
  • Smart Price 8 Pork Sausage Rolls 480g 85p
  • Smart Price Fruit Fromage Frais 12x55g 80p
  • Farm Stores Unsmoked Back Bacon 300g £1.25
  • Farm Stores Round Lettuce each 42p
  • 1 X Farm Stores Brown Onions 1kg 50p
  • 2 X Farm Stores Carrots 1.5kg 90p
  • 2 x Farm Stores White Potatoes 2.5kg £1.82
  • Farm Stores White Mushrooms 250g 57p
  • Farm Stores Cherry Tomatoes 250g 48p
  • Farm Stores Mixed Peppers 3pk 92p
  • Farm Stores Pears 500g 52p
  • Farm Stores Apples 500g 72p
  • Farm Stores Plums 400g 59p
  • Smart Price Red Kidney Beans in Water 400g 30p
  • 2 x Smart Price Garden Peas in Water 300g 42p
  • 1 X Smart Price Wafer Thin Cooked Ham Slices 400g £1.59
  • Farm Stores Whole Chicken 1.2kg £2.28
  • Smart Price Mild Curry Sauce 440g 28p
  • Smart Price Bolognese Pasta Sauce 440g 39p
  • Smart Price Corned Beef 340g £1.45
  • Smart Price Peeled Plum Tomatoes in Tomato Juice 400g 28p
  • 5 x Smart Price Chopped Tomatoes in Tomato Juice 400g £1.40
  • 2 x Smart Price Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 410g 44p
  • Smart Price Mushy Peas 300g 15p
  • Smart Price Long Grain Rice 1kg 45p
  • Smart Price Pasta Shapes 500g 29p
  • Smart Price Spaghetti 500g 20p
  • Smart Price Tomato Soup 400g 24p
  • Smart Price Strawberry Jam 454g 28p
  • Smart Price Tuna Chunks in Brine 145g 59p
  • Smart Price Garlic Bread Baguette 170g 32p
  • Smart Price 20 Sausages 907g £1
  • Smart Price Chips 1.5kg 90p
  • Smart Price Beef & Onion Mince 650g £2.65
  • Smart Price 4 Battered Fish Portions 400g £1.25
  • Smart Price 4 Minced Beef and Onion Pies 4x120g £1
  • Smart Price Vanilla Soft Scoop Ice Cream 2l 95p
  • Smart Price 40 Tea Bags 100g 100g 28p
  • Smart Price Tomato Ketchup 530g 42p
  • Smart Price Brown Sauce 460g 45p
  • Smart Price Mayonnaise 500g 41p
  • Smart Price Caramel Wafers 5pk 50p
  • Smart Price Chocolate & Nut Muesli Bars 6x23g 61p
  • Smart Price Sponge Mix 225g 35p
  • Smart Price Batter Mix 125g 31p
  • 2 x Smart Price Rice Pudding 400g 40p
  • Smart Price Ready to Serve Custard 385g 30p
  • Smart Price Peach Slices in Light Syrup 411g 55p
  • Smart Price Lightly Salted Sharing Tortilla Chips 180g 41p
  • Smart Price Ready Salted Multipack Crisps 12x18g 90p
  • Smart Price No Added Sugar Double Strength Orange Squash 750ml 45p
  • Smart Price Orange Juice from Concentrate 1lt 69p

Not from Smart Price or Farm Stores (cheapest options in store):

  • 3 x Soft White Medium Sliced ​​800g £1.74
  • Pickled Red Cabbage 420g 99p
  • Meat Gravy Granules 200g 75p
  • Mild Chilli Powder 44g 73p
  • Semi Skimmed Milk 4 pint £1.15
  • Beef stock cubes 12 x 10g 39p

Whole £49.99

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