“I am the croquette of Spanish politics”: Joaquín Reyes’s brilliant imitation of Yolanda Díaz | Television on Cadena SER

“I’ll give you a tip, Mr. Egea.” Joaquín Reyes has taken advantage of Yolanda Díaz’s pull at the national level to dedicate one of his already characteristic imitations in The intermediate. In this way, and after imitating politicians of the first political line such as Pedro Sánchez or Pablo Casado, the comedian from La Mancha has opted for the Minister of Labor and Social Economy and second vice president of the Government to talk about her possible candidacy for the next general elections.

All this through a gag that begins with the vice president of the Government speaking with the CEOE through a telephone and with the unions in another: “Garamendi, who says Workers’ Commissions and UGT that they want decent wages for workers.” However, he replies that they are not going to offer him decent wages and that they are not even going to raise one more euro because they are not the Bank of Spain. However, Díaz is happy because, on this occasion, they have not been called red shit.

After this first gag, the character played by Joaquín Reyes introduces himself as Yolanda Díaz Pérez, labor lawyer, former deputy mayor of Ferrol, former candidate for the Xunta, deputy of Congress, Minister of Labor and Social Economy and second vice president of the Government. However, she prefers to be considered the croquette of Spanish politics because it generates consensus wherever it goes: “I have united the bosses and the unions, the PSOE and United We can less when we have to govern or negotiate. Or the worker monkey and the Californian highlights “.

Next, Yolanda Díaz talks about her possible candidacy for the next general elections: “I am going to present myself but no acronyms. A broad front that fits everyone. Social democrats, communists, environmentalists, the OBK fan club … well, those are not acronyms. ” From his point of view, the most important thing has to be society. For the same reason, and to avoid any fight of egos, Díaz proposes to dress each person with a pink tracksuit and a number in the purest style of ‘The Squid Game’: “What if we are going to kill each other? others? That on the left never happens. Well, it does happen, it was a joke. “

After acknowledging that her job as a minister makes her aware of what is happening in the streets at every moment, Yolanda Díaz offers the first of her data to Mr. García Egea: “Do you know that unemployment stands at 3,256,802 people? Well 3,256,803 because the PP has just fired the advisor who gave it the data. Abanibí Aboebe I want to say I love you love or what in the city of angels there are more cars than people.

Finally, and returning to her hypothetical candidacy for the next general elections, Yolanda Díaz recognizes that at this time she does not need any advisor despite the fact that some like Iván Redondo have already begun to probe her: “Iván Redondo is giving me the ember with chess. That if the king or the queen, but if what matters to me are the pawns. “From his point of view, he only wants to get to the Government to change three or four things. Among them, overthrow the monarchy, fight against the reaction. fascist, nationalize strategic companies, get us out of NATO, reorganize the Soviet administration and decide what to do with the anthem of Spain.


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