Husband ‘launched violent attack on lover after she told his pregnant wife about affair’

A husband launched a terrifying revenge attack on his lover after she confessed about their affair to his pregnant wife, a court has heard.

Arfan Hussein, 31, allegedly started on the woman with a butter knife and repeatedly kicked and punched her, accusing her of wrecking his life.

She was said to have suffered a fractured eye-socket that was surgically repaired with a titanium plate, as well as two broken ribs and injuries to her ear, hand and head, Leicestershire Live writes.

Prosecutor, Paul Prior, told Leicester Crown Court: “The defendant had a relationship with the complainant whilst married to another woman and she told his wife about the affair.

“He went to her home and attacked her causing really serious harm and it involved a knife, albeit not the longest or sharpest knife, but it was so ferocious and terrifying that she climbed onto her roof in order to escape the attack.”

The incident allegedly happened at the woman’s bedsit in the Saffron Lane area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLeicester on the afternoon of Wednesday, July 14 last year – about seven weeks after she is said to have revealed the affair.

Hussein, of Maynard Road, Spinney Hills, also known as Blue, denies intentionally inflicting grievous bodily harm.

He allegedly turned up at her address, accompanied by two other people, and burst into the flat, where the complainant was unwell, lying on a futon in her dressing gown.

She was being looked after by a male friend, who had fetched her painkillers for aches and pains.

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She was diagnosed with Covid-19 when admitted to hospital later that day, the court heard.

Mr Prior said Hussein entered the flat armed with a butter knife that had been left on the stairs – as it was being used to operate a faulty door handle.

The prosecutor told the jury: “Hussein jumped on her and attacked her, thrusting at her head.

“He missed at first as her friend tried to hold him back. She put her hand up which deflected onto her ear, causing bleeding.

“She thought he was going to kill her. Despite being held back, the defendant kicked and hit her.

“When she tried to get up he grabbed her hair and punched her.”

Mr Prior claimed Hussein swore and called his ex-mistress “a slag.”

He allegedly told her: “I told you not to tell my wife, you’ve ruined my life. You knew I was married.”

The prosecutor added: “Just because your affair is revealed doesn’t mean you’re entitled to attack someone.

“A neighbor heard a slapping sound and someone saying ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry,’ which was clearly the complainant.”

Leicester Crown Court
Leicester Crown Court

Emergency service sirens, relating to a completely different matter, could be heard and Hussein briefly left, thinking the police were on the way. However, he returned a short time later.

Mr Prior said: “She opened the top floor window and climbed onto the roof of the terraced property, wearing her bathrobe and no socks or shoes.

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“A witness saw her climb over the roof line – she had to get away.

“Hussein couldn’t find her indoors and came back out.”

The complainant attracted the attention of a passer-by and asked them to call the police, who attended and she was later helped down by the fire service.

The defendant was later arrested at a Leicester hotel.

He gave a prepared statement to the police saying he had not attacked the complainant and was not responsible for her injuries.

Mr Prior said: “The defendant started the relationship with the complainant in October 2020.”

The alleged victim told the jury she had been “besotted” with the defendant and did not know, to begin with, that he was married or that his wife was pregnant.

She told the jury she ended the affair with Hussein, after being phoned by the wife, in May, when she admitted the relationship.

The complainant claimed that Hussein attacked her several weeks later because “I’d told his wife” and “I’d shamed his religion, because I’m white.”

She described her escape from her window saying: “I was trying to climb up the roof, but I kept slipping on the blood.”

The trial continues.

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