Hundreds take to Scottish streets on second day of protests against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

A sea of ​​blue and yellow protestors gathered outside the Russian Consulate in Edinburgh for a second day in a show of solidarity with Ukraine.

Hundreds demonstrated outside the building on Melville Street with placards denouncing the Kremlin’s actions on Friday.

The anger of many from across the world was felt as representatives of neighboring states including Belarus, Latvia and Lithuania also lent their support to the cause as chants of ‘Slava Ukraini! Heroiam slava!’ – ‘Glory to Ukraine, Glory to the heroes’ – echoed out along the street.

Protesters gathered with signs outside the Russian Consulate in Edinburgh
Protesters gathered with signs outside the Russian Consulate in Edinburgh

Activists also left chalk messages on the pavement outside decrying Putin for his act.

But there were also some emotional moments, such as when a piper wound his way through the activists while playing the Ukrainian national anthem as others sang along, which reduced some to tears.

At the scene, Edinburgh Live spoke with a Ukrainian man who heartbreakingly told how his family has been forced to hide underground from Russian forces.

Lecturer Yehvan Baranchenko broke down after relaying the latest message received from relatives in Sumy – less than 100km from the border.

Yehvan Baranchenko said some family members had already joined the fighting in his homeland.
Yehvan Baranchenko said some family members had already joined the fighting in his homeland.

The 38-year-old traveled from Newcastle to take part in the demonstration against Putin’s invasion of his homeland outside the diplomatic facility on Melville Street.

It came as reports emerged from Kyiv – twinned with Edinburgh since 1989 – being hit by air strikes as fighting closed in on the capital.

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Hundreds are already thought to have died in conflict and missile strikes on a number of areas.

Yehvan called on European governments to “stop talking and take action” by lending military support to the country as he warned Kyiv would fall “within days” without the backing of the UK, EU and Nato forces.

“What we have seen over these few days has been absolutely insane and something that should never have happened,” he told Edinburgh Live.

“The UK government can and should do is provide military weapons to us. Of course we understand there is pressure coming from Russia and perhaps some other Nato or European partners, otherwise, they are dying there.”

He added some family members had already joined resistance fighters, but feared for the life of his mother in his hometown.

“Sumy is already occupied, today they are destroying Kyiv, my capital, it is insane.

“My inlaws are there. My mother is in Sumy. Yesterday they were hiding under the ground to avoid the damage the Russians are doing there at the moment.

“They are safe at the moment, but I don’t think they are going to be safe for long.

“My wife’s brothers are fighting as we speak. We need military support. Another day or two and we will be done.”

Daryna Tryndiuk, 21, from Kyiv, added: “We need more support, they are not doing enough.

“We need more action, action, not just words. We need help from the United Kingdom, from Europe. We are united but we need support.

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“Russia is oppressing our country; my friends are dying, my family is dying. We need action and we need it now.”

Protesters also gathered at George Square in Glasgow this afternoon.

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