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‘Hoy por Hoy’, with Àngels Barceló, remains the most listened to radio program in Spain with 2,819,000 listeners. The program says goodbye to the year reaffirming its leadership being the most listened to morning in the country.

Radio mornings are still led by Àngels Barceló. ‘Hoy por Hoy’ is consolidated as the most listened to radio program in Spain. The analysis of current news, the debate on the topics of the day, the opinion of our experts and the best entertainment once again surpass itself and stand out above the rest of the programs of other stations.

The Àngels Barceló’s signature investigates every morning the keys to what is happening, an editorial that increasingly arouses more interest in the audience and on social networks. Its great transversality and its immediacy to be consumed mean that this and all the audios of the program reach thousands of people in seconds through the different digital platforms –Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram …- and on all podcast platforms -Spotify, SER Podcast, Ivoox, Apple Podcasts …-.

‘Hoy por Hoy’ counts every morning in ‘El Abierto’ starting at 08:30 with the best political analysts of the stature of Javier Aroca, Eduardo Madina, Ignacio Escolar, Antón Losada, Verónica Fumanal, Estefanía Molina, Nacho Corredor, Ignasi Guardans, Fernando Vallespín, José Luis Ayllón, Cristina de la Hoz, Berna González Harbor, Carlos Sánchez, José María Lassalle, Gonzalo Velasco, Josep Ramoneda, Mariola Urrea, Miquel Roig, Cristina Monge or Víctor Lapuente. The different points of view that each one contributes to politics from anthropology, philosophy or sociology make this gathering a table in which they debate all the hot topics of today.

The listeners of ‘Hoy por Hoy’ have been lucky enough to enjoy magical moments like listening to Joan Manuel Serrat the day he announces leaving the stage, feeling the farewell to the writer Almudena Grandes as if they were at the same funeral, being informed up to the minute of everything that is happening in the La Palma volcano, getting into Moncloa in an interview with Pedro Sánchez, discovering the most unsuspected political irregularities, listening to Pedro Almodóvar or Javier Bardem , listen to Dani Martín’s ‘sneakers’ or get to know the latest trends with Paula Echevarría.

During the more than six hours of ‘Hoy por Hoy’, listeners can enjoy the informative section from the ‘Keys of the day’ or the interview with the most important person of the moment, passing through ‘The press review’ and ending in popular magazine sections such as ‘Bob Pop’s list’, ‘Simply María’ by María Barranco, ‘Amigos alegres’ by Luis Alegre, ‘Ciencia’ by Manuel Martín Loeches, ‘Cosas que deserve la pena’ by Edurne Portela, ‘Comando N’ with Nuño Domínguez and Nacho Carretero, ‘Dedicated Discs’ by Fernando Neira, the reports by Severino Donate, ‘La tangente’, ‘El rincón y laquina’ with Marta Sanz and Manuel Delgado, ‘Vida y cine’ with Javier Ocaña, ‘Lenguaje’ with Lola Pons, ‘Tecnología’ with Jaime García Cantero, ‘La Consulta’ by Ramón Nogueras, Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto ‘,’ Rojo y negro ‘with Yonyi and Fox, the’ Consultorio Librológico ‘with great authors or’ Dismantling myths’ and the ‘One-way trip’ by Pepe Rubio.

The complicity between the entire team makes it broadcast live, that the listener wakes up every morning informed and has a good time with ‘Hoy por Hoy’. The best stories and the best news, every morning from Monday to Friday, from 06:00 to 12:20. The EGM values ​​once again the work done, the dedication, the enthusiasm and the affection with which the radio is treated so that everything continues to grow.


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