How to request it and what it consists of

This Wednesday, April 6, has started on the Internet the Income Campaign 2021/2022 and taxpayers can now carry out their tax procedures through the Tax Agency website. In addition, from May 3 you can make an appointment to process it by phone from May 5. By last, As of June 1, the face-to-face management period begins at the Agency offices. In all these scenarios, the deadline is June 30.

When the draft comes out positive, means that the taxpayer must pay the indicated amount to the Treasury. In this situation, not all citizens can afford a single payment, so the agency offers taxpayers the option of making a more comfortable installment payment. You can do it in two transactions without added interest, or in more installments and with an additional surcharge.

Who can access the installment payment?

Any citizen who indicates it in the draft of his declarationeither online, by phone or in person. The installment payment option is one of the boxes that you can fill in on the document. It will only be necessary indicate this option in the model 100 at the time of filing the declaration.

In how many installments can you pay?

can be done in Two payments and, in this case, the fraction would be the standard and no approval by the Treasury would be necessary. Thus, the Agency will charge the 60% of the amount on June 30and on November 7 the remaining 40% will be charged.

However, if the taxpayer asks to change these deadlines or a postponement, the approval of the public body is necessary and the Tax Agency may apply a fixed interest of 3.75%.

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How to request it?

The taxpayer must access the option Website rental within the Agency page and indicate the installment payment option within the document. The system will automatically calculate the fraction of each transaction.

To enter the initial amount to the Treasury, there are several ways to do it:

  • May domicile payment by filling in only the IBAN of your bank account.
  • You can also choose a electronic payment giving an account number or using your credit card. The reference number is then obtained and can be included on your return as proof of payment.
  • If you do not choose these two options, the taxpayer can download the document Y deliver it to a financial institutionwhere you will pay the corresponding amount in person.

As far as the second payment to Treasuryif it has not been domiciled, the citizen can go to the bank to deposit it before November 7presenting the model 102 or paying it electronically by electronic DNI, [email protected] system or digital certificate.

Are there fines for missing dates?

Yes. In case of non-compliance with the payment within the aforementioned periods, the citizen will have a fine with interest for late payment.

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