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On January 5, the regulations came into force by which animals are no longer considered “real estate or things” to be recognized as “sentient beings” But before the new law, pets were already a member of the family in many homes and, as such, they are increasingly present in companies’ conciliation plans.

The Alares 360º plan, for example, is designed to cover employees, spouses, children under 30, parents, in-laws… and also their pets. “We became aware of the conciliation needs that people in general have, regardless of their lifestyle or their diversity. Let’s not forget that in Spain there are more than twice as many pets as children under 14 years of age”, explains the company’s executive director, Eduardo Martín.

Data from your observatory indicate that 52% of workers would like their company to take into account conciliation with their pets. To make it easier for you, the Alares plan includes free telephone consultations with veterinarians, with lawyers to receive advice on topics such as civil liability insurance and, the most requested service, myAssistant: “This is a personal assistant who, in the event of pets, helps the employees of the companies that contract this plan to find the best option to buy food, beds, toys and everything that their animal will need”, indicates Martín. Among the companies that have already done so are Deoleo, Diageo, SaarGummi or Ecolab.

A cat peeks into a video call.
A cat peeks into a video call. Getty Images

The company specialized in renting offices Adventum recognizes that more and more work spaces are demanded in which it is possible to take pets. “For many people, having their pet close increases your productivity while giving them serenity and concentration on the task”, he warns on his website. Thus, the company explains that in mixed office buildings (those in which work and residential spaces coexist), bringing the pet is not an inconvenience unless the office lease contract specifies otherwise. However, in exclusive office buildings, especially those with access control, It depends on what is available in the building regulations and, in the absence of a specific provision, it will be necessary to request the corresponding authorization from the owner.

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In any case, it is important that the rules are clear. In addition, there are alternatives for owners who cannot be accompanied by their animals to work, such as the El Cascarín dog daycare, at the Las Almenas center, where, according to the founder, Iván Merás, there are more and more requests. “It is designed to reconcile work and that people, if they are away from home for many hours, can leave the dog with us for a few hours so that they are not alone all day.”

Thanks to telecommutingIn addition, many employees have had to install the office in their own home and have discovered the benefits of spending the working day with their pets. Helping to relax, facilitating breaks, encouraging exercise or saving money are some of those mentioned by Las Almenas. “It has been studied that petting your dog relieves stress and is very beneficial,” admits Merás.

For this reason, more and more people join initiatives such as the Pets at Work Alliance from Nestle Purina. The non-profit alliance has a network of offices pet-friendly throughout Europe that vary in size, number of employees, architecture and work culture. In this way, they intend to promote that pets, far from disturbing workers, appease them.

What about single people?

  • Most. In addition to demanding more help to reconcile work life with their pets, 78% of those surveyed by the Alares Observatory believe that the reconciliation needs of single people are not taken into account.
  • biases. One of the conclusions, according to its spokesman, Eduardo Martín, is that marital status has always influenced the inclusion of certain groups: “It manifests itself in the increase in overtime and workloads, in a lesser predisposition when it comes to assigning vacations to people who do not have to coordinate them with their partner or in less flexibility by granting days off or own affairs to people who are not married. Many of these stereotypes are linked to gender, being a double discrimination that women suffer”.
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