Horror after Labrador died in brutal attack by two bull terriers ‘in kill mode’

The 10-year-old Black Labrador Marley, had to be put down after the “horrendous” attack near his home in Montrose, Scotland, as his injuries were so severely devastating his owner Gary

10-year-old Black Labrador Marley was killed by two bull terriers whilst out on a walk

A helpless dad watched on in horror as his beloved dog was savaged by two bull terriers whilst out on a walk.

Black Labrador Marley’s injuries were so severe, the 10-year-old pooch had to be put down by vets following the vicious incident.

Gary Donald, 48, had taken Marley for a short walk near his home in Montrose when the attack happened on February 26.

The retired firefighter was walking back with Marley on the lead when two off-lead Staffordshire-type bull terriers appeared from nowhere and launched a vicious attack.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Gary said: “It was horrendous. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.

Marley had to be put down after the attack, as his injuries were so severe



“I came out of the house and we went down the street to a grassy area so Marley could pee.

“We were walking back down the street when all of a sudden I saw two dogs come out of nowhere.

“I thought they were just going for a sniff, but by the time my brain actually computed what was going on the two dogs were on top of Marley.

“I started screaming, shouting and swearing, trying to get them off – but all I had to hand was my extendable lead.

“The dogs were going for my dog, they were chewing him and snarling at him. They were in kill mode.

“Then all of a sudden two folk came from nowhere and tried to grab the dogs off Marley.

“They never said anything to me while I was shouting telling them to get them off, but one of them finally managed to get one of the dogs off of him, then just took off.

“Eventually the second guy managed to get the other dog off Marley – but then it got loose again and went back for a second helping – and that’s when Marley yelped.

“I can still hear that noise. It was nothing like I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Son Chris Donald with family pet Marley



Marley was a ‘loving and caring dog’ who ‘brought a lot of joy’



After the second bull terrier was finally pulled off Marley, Gary noticed the extent of his beloved pup’s injuries.

He said: “When he managed to get onto his back feet I realized his right leg was just swinging about, hanging off.

“I managed to get him down the street and frantically phoned my wife to get in touch with a vet.

“At that point, I realized his neck had been ripped from him and it was just flapping about. From his neck down to his chest, it was just like a bib hanging off of him.”

Gary and his wife Lesley rushed Marley to the vets, but the pooch could not be saved.

They took him in for x-rays, before calling the couple to tell them to come in to say their goodbyes.

Dad-of-two Gary said: “They called to say it was game over. His injuries were too horrific and just after midnight, he was put down.

“When we got home we just couldn’t process what had happened.

“It’s bad enough losing your dog but to lose him that way was just horrific.

“It’s a couple of days on and we’re still crying, we’re still looking at photos. It’s just wrecked us.

“He was just a really loving and caring dog – he brought a lot of joy.

“He just loved his cuddles. The love that he gave was unconditional.

“For anyone to lose a pet is heartbreaking – but to be taken from us like that, so viciously. It’s devastating.

“The house is totally empty now. It’s like me and my wife have lost a son. It’s just ripped us both apart.”

Mum Lesley Donald with Marley



Dad Gary Donald with Marley



Police have now launched a probe into the incident, but Gary and Lesley are determined to get the dogs off the street before they attack again.

Gary said: “The last thing I thought on Saturday night when I took him out was that he wasn’t coming home.

“I know we’re not the only ones that this has happened to – you read about attacks like this, but you never think it will happen to you.

“It was needless as well, as these dogs have attacked before. Why were they not on the lead with a muzzle?!

“The vet said they were looking for blood. They were out to kill.

“If the dog had gone a bit deeper it would have killed him straight out. It could be a child next.”

Officers say their inquiries are ongoing and they are appealing for information.

Gary added: “We just want those dogs off the street.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Anyone who may have witnessed the incident or has any information which could assist the investigation, should contact police via 101.”

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