Hooters restaurant plans for Salford Quays spark fury and excitement – from ‘degrading to women’ to ‘stag do sorted’

Popular American restaurant chain Hooters is set to open a new venue in Greater Manchester. The restaurant, known for its ‘scantily clad’ waitresses, has applied for a license for an outlet in Salford Quays.

The application submitted to Salford City Council is for a license to run live music, recorded music and dance performances. If granted, it will open from 9am to 1am seven days a week, along the lines of US-based Hooters restaurants.

The only other Hooters in the UK is based in Nottingham, while plans to open a second UK restaurant in Liverpool were met by a petition which slated the chain as ‘an archaic and chauvinistic brand’.

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Following news of the Salford Quays application, MEN readers have been sharing their thoughts on the potential of a Hooters arriving in Greater Manchester – with reactions varying from fury to excitement.

“Stag do sorted,” said Gareth Hughes, while Lynsey Smoothey said the move was ‘about time’. In a post, Lynsey wrote: “It will do well. Been to a couple in America, and the Nottingham one several times and have always had a far nicer meal and massively better service than most UK restaurants. I’ve said for a while that one would do very well in the GM area.”

Hooters first launched in Florida in 1983 – it now boasts over 420 restaurants

“Will make the trip to Old Trafford even more enjoyable,” wrote David Ladd. Fredrik Nord added: “That’s awesome news. Considering how lousy United are playing right now, this establishment might actually make the trip worth wild (sic).”

Others wondered how the format would translate to a UK audience. ”Won’t be the same with a load of Salford lasses,” Christopher Duckworth said. Zoe Iqbal posted: “I hope all the workers get treated nice and they don’t get too cold. They need to turn the heating up and put the kettle on and keep warm.” Peter Murphy added: “Probably wear a different uniform in Salford as the weather is a little chillier.”

Some even contemplated whether waitresses would receive tips similar to those earned in American branches. Liam Ward said: “In America these hooters girls make a LOT of tips, considering tipping culture isn’t as big of a thing here maybe they will struggle to get the staff. I doubt many women are gonna prance around in hotpants for minimum wage.”

A Hooters branch has been open in Nottingham since 1998

While others questioned the idea behind the popular chain. Michelle Mott said: Reinforcing toxic masculinity, misogynistic, chauvinistic and outdated views. It is demeaning and degrading to women and girls.”

Petra Vartovnikova said: “Council will never approve. Hopefully…”. Jo Opsimath wrote: “How degrading for women having to wear such attire for work. This shouldn’t be happening in the twenty-first century.”

There were others who wondered what the fuss was even about. James Hutchison commented: “Honestly, who cares. I won’t be going, but has anyone who’s complaining about scantily dressed women in bars been to Deansgate on a Saturday night?

“Also Hooters isn’t topless, it’s not a strip club and is actually pretty tame by modern standards.. it’s just a gag to get stag nights and groups of guys in and drinking and I guarantee that there will be queues of girls applying for those jobs over other bar jobs… There is a lot more stuff to be bothered about.”

While Jodie Louise Giblin said: “People complaining about ‘in this day and age’, ‘unacceptable to have women dressed like that’…I say fair play to them who obviously apply for the job knowing what it involves.”

Nottingham-based Julian Mills, 46, has issued the application for the restaurant at 3 Capital Quay, Salford. If approved, Mr Mills hopes to open the venue from May 4.


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