Homs warns that his sentence will mark the State-Catalonia relationship



Trial in by the 9N

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The prosecutor maintains his request for nine years of disqualification from public office. The trial has been seen for sentence.

The deputy of PDeCAT and former minister of the Presidency of Catalonia, Francesc Homs, has warned this Wednesday to the magistrates of the Supreme Court who have judged him by the participatory process of 9N of 2014 that his sentence will have “effects that will mark the relations of the Spanish State and Catalonia “.

Homs has pronounced these words in his turn to use the last word in the trial, which has been seen for sentence and in which the prosecutor has asked for nine years of disqualification for prevarication and disobedience to the Constitutional Court for the celebration of 9N, while his defense has requested his acquittal.

After pleading not guilty, Homs has said that in any case the sentence will not modify his conduct of “promoting the exercise of the right to decide of the people of Catalonia” and has shown his conviction that this year it will become the holding of a referendum and added: “If putting the ballot boxes in a participatory process is a pulse to the State, I don’t want to be from this state“.

I plead innocent of the accusation made by the Public Prosecutor, “said Homs in the trial in which, as he said, law was confused with politics and that although there is no democracy without law, in Catalonia” there has been law without democracy. “

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In this regard, he assured that the will of self-government “has been a constant of the Catalan people throughout its history” and that it is a debate that does not end in the courts since in his opinion it is “sacred” that citizens can decide whether or not they want to be an independent state.

Hard statement of the prosecutor

The Supreme Court prosecutor, Jaime Moreno, has upheld his request for nine years of disqualification from public office for Homs.

During a harsh final argument, the prosecutor has maintained that the 9N “was nothing more than a challenge to legality and a pulse on the rule of law“. The representative of the Public Ministry considers that there are sufficient indications to convict Homs for the crimes of prevarication and disobedience that he committed while participating in the organization of the 9-N consultation, which had been suspended by the Constitutional Court (TC), since he understands that his attitude was “abusive, arbitrary, conscious and behind the back” of the high court.

He added that what is being analyzed by the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court “is not the intervention of the volunteers nor the conduct of those who based on that call came to vote “, but how the political managers of the Generalitat “are arranged to do their own will against what has been established by the highest interpreter of the Constitution.”

“Democracy is nothing but submission of all public powers to the law“, the representative of the Public Ministry has had an impact, who has recalled that what the Constitutional Court did was to issue a precautionary measure, the suspension of the consultation, while it decided on the merits of the matter, that is, on the constitutionality of the call .

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To justify conviction for disobedience, the prosecutor denies the version of Homs that he was not notified of the ruling since, in his words, said notice was sent directly to the then president of the Generalitat Artur Mas. In his appearance yesterday as a witness, Mas stressed that no one warned them of the criminal nature of the participatory process, although Moreno has replied that the Generalitat, on November 4, “was notified” and therefore “it is evident that the defendant knew the express mandate “.

Moreno has said that “the non-existence of an order of paralysis or revocation is equivalent to a resolution ordering to continue. There was that and more than that because there was an agreement between all not to stop since otherwise it is not explained that not a single of the actions of other departments have stopped. And there were more, “he alleged, specifying that Homs committed prevarication by omission.


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