Holly Willoughby squirms as ‘enormous’ unexpected guest appears in the This Morning studio

Holly Willoughby was left squirming in her seat and viewers left feeling ‘sick’ after an ‘enormous’ unexpected guest appeared in the This Morning studio. The presenter was hosting Thursday’s edition (April 21) of the program alongside Phillip Schofield.

The pair had been chatting to Lindsay Clark who went viral over the Easter weekend thanks to a video of her getting stuck behind a sofa for around 10 minutes was posted on social media.

The 40-year-old, from North Shields, was out celebrating the birthday of her friend Julie Jackson at the TwelveTwentyFive restaurant when she ended up trying to retrieve her friend’s coat which had slopped behind their seats before the end of the celebratory, boozy brunch last weekend.

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She spoke to Holly and Philip on This Morning about how staff were forced to rescue her from her predicament and how they were close to having to phone the emergency services.

However, as the interview came to an end and the hosts went to move on with the show, they were interrupted by an unwanted guest. “By the way, neither of us jumped,” Phillip started by saying as Holly began to wriggle uncomfortably in her seat.

“I’m not scared, but how…” Phillip started to ask his co-star who explained: “The most enormous spider just ran underneath,” as her co-host continued: “It just ran the camera,” as I pointed out of shot.

Holly wanted it away

“If you’ve you got a spider fear…” Holly, 41, began to warn before a close-up of the creepy-crawly appeared on-screen before saying: “It doesn’t look so big on the television, but it’s really big,” with a laugh.

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“It’s really big,” she insisted before asking: “Can we put a glass over it and let it free outside somewhere? Who’s brave enough? No one?”

“It’s being really casual isn’t it,” Phillip, 60, commented. “It did leg it a minute ago,” Holly replied. “Nobody screamed so that’s…” Phil tried to add as Holly let out a screech as a hand appeared with a piece of paper to try and whisk the spider away.

As they did Phillip was heard saying: “What are you doing? What are you doing?” as the spider bounced away from the hands of the crew member. “That was always going to happen,” he then moaned. “Get a glass!”

Holly, still flinching from the spider, begged the This Morning staff behind the camera: “Can you just make it go that way?” as she did a shooing motion with her hand from her.

“We’re transmitting this,” Phillip remarked before Holly shouted: “Got it!” as the unexpected guest was finally captured under a glass. Sighing, Phillip added: “Well done. Never a dull moment,” as Holly still sat sheepishly with her arms crossed.

It was eventually stopped in its tracks

But This Morning viewers weren’t thrilled over the spider scenes.

“#ThisMorning please stop showing the spider, they make me feel ill, sweaty, shaking, sick,” @Motherovone tweeted.

@KirstyDews shared: “Can we stop showing the spider on #ThisMorning please. Some of us can almost feel it on us at this point.”

“@thismorning Was there any point showing the spider, thx for making me panic as I have a fear of them #ThisMorning,” @sam_bell248 complained.

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@Flat__l1ned added: “@thismorning You really didn’t need to film that huge spider..You’ve set all the arachnophobics off now #ThisMorning.”


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