Highway code Christmas warning: Trend causes fines and drivers to invalidate insurance

People enjoy putting up their decorations over Christmas and the New Year, but one viral trend could lead to motorists getting into trouble and receiving a hefty fine

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Highway code Christmas warning: Trend causes fines and drivers to invalidate insurance

A simple car modification could land drivers in trouble this Christmas.

Social media trends are common, but some may fall foul of the rules laid out in the Highway Code.

One particular viral trend, involving fairy lights as car accessories, could see motorists end up with fines, or even worse.

Changes to cars or anything that harms a driver’s view can mean that motorists become liable for accidents very easily.

More serious punishments may also apply in certain circumstances.

This is a situation nobody wants over the festive season.

So what is the new car trend and how can drivers avoid being fined?

What viral tend could see motorists getting a fine?

This dangerous trend might look fun, but it could land motorists in big trouble



Christmas is the time of year when people choose to cover their household items and personal possessions in bright, twinkling lights, tinsel and green and red wreaths to celebrate the festive season.

Some people also choose to decorate their cars.

These sorts of car customisations can mean people receive a bunch of likes on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest in particular.

Insurance website Confused.com conducted a study into the most saved pins on TikTok for Christmas car decorations.

Christmas wreaths come in first place with 3,495 pins, while Christmas present boxes were second with 2,319 pins.

Third place went to the use of Christmas lights with 1,040 pins.

Why could I get fined for decorating my car?

Decorating your car could land you with a big fine


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You should not do anything to your car that may harm you from having a full view of the road.

The Highway Code says: “No person shall drive a motor vehicle on a road if he is in such a position that he cannot […] have a full view of the road and traffic ahead.”

The punishment for this could be an on-the-spot £100 fine. This can rise to thousands of pounds and three penalty points should the driver involved dispute the fine and lose the argument in court.

Anything that falls off the car could land a driver in serious trouble, too. This may constitute dangerous driving and anyone found of this could receive up to nine penalty points and a £5,000 fine.

Your insurance could also be invalidated as the decoration may be something you are legally required to inform your insurance providers about.

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