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The Sanhedrin analyzed the performance of the Spanish teams at the end of the fifth day of this group stage of the Champions League. Real Madrid are the only mathematically classified and Atlético de Madrid got into trouble after losing to Milan.

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Real Madrid’s victory against the Sheriff

Real Madrid got the victory in Transnistria with a 0-3. Sheriff Tiraspol could do nothing, but on the white horizon there is a great doubt. The big pieces are not resting, and the substitutes are not participating. Will this be a problem for Carlo Ancelotti? In addition, Gareth Bale’s agent made some unfortunate statements in which he criticized the white fans.

Julio Pulido: “This decision not to rotate is disengaging the substitutes, who may be important at some point. The thing is, how the headlines are going to get at the end of the season. Bale’s departure from Madrid was already going to be bad, but Now it will be worse because of these statements by Barnett. The public will not forgive him for this. “

Antonio Romero: “He does not rotate Casemiro, Modric and Kroos because they are very good … but also because he does not trust his relief. The game today was not too physically demanding, but an injury could compromise the month ahead. No There would have been about 15-20 minutes of rest. Since they removed the obligation to attend the games to those who were not called up, Bale has never appeared at the Bernabéu. Let Barnett explain to me, unless it was on a golf course, where Madrid fans have done something to Bale. “

Pablo Pinto: “Not only are there few rotations in the middle, since in attack neither does Vinicius and Benzema move. There are players to give the starters rest, but Ancelotti has stayed in the usual ones.”

Jesús Gallego: “If the three in the middle play so well in this month’s matches, I would believe that they have made a pact with the devil. As Madrid does not rotate, they will have problems. Madrid have gained a lot of solvency with both starting full-backs, they give more security to the whole team “.

Atlético complicates life

Cholo Simeone’s men made it difficult for them to qualify after losing to Milan. Porto lost to Liverpool, giving Atlético de Madrid one last chance. For this they will have to beat Porto. That will not be enough, since they also depend on what happens in the match between Milan and Liverpool.

Antonio Romero: “The team was knowing that the draw was worth them, Cholo did not tell the truth at a press conference.”

Miguel Martín Talavera: “If you asked me which eleven I would have served, it would have been this, but it is the worst game of the Simeone era. Today Atleti has lost its essence, it was scared, there were players with fear. The person responsible is the coach , that has failed in the changes, but the players cannot leave of rositas. The problem of the Atleti is of soccer, it does not work with coexistence and dinners “.

Julio Pulido: “Simeone is conservative, but I don’t think he will stop working on the attack. The essence of Atleti was defense, and that is what he is lacking this year. Cholo was awaiting more things this year because he perceived a certain relaxation , and I was anxious about it. I have the feeling that this could have caused a difficult climate in the locker room. The fans have no memory of everything Cholo has done. “

Javier Matallanas: “Atleti has gone for the draw from the beginning, and when you do that, you lose. Simeone has homework to do because he has very good pieces, but he doesn’t know how to make them fit. Atleti doesn’t work on the offensive phase. than to demand from Cholo what, from Zidane, what the highest paid coach in the world should be required of. Failure to enter the round of 16 would be a failure. Only Liverpool is a better team. The team has grown a lot in the budget and would be a failure”.

Pablo Pinto: “I don’t think it’s the worst hit in 10 years, but the problem is that it was worth the draw and he didn’t know how to tie it up. It’s not staying out in the group stage, but the way he’s being” .

Jesús Gallego: “The worst thing about Atleti is not the result, it is the loss of identity, which coincides with the best squad of the team in years. They don’t know what they play and it affects the players. Cholo makes a mix in which the players don’t fit in. There have been many circumstances that have affected the idea of ​​Cholo, the players have a mess in which they don’t even know what they’re playing. “

Ramos did not debut and City won

The match between PSG and Manchester City on English soil ended with Guardiola getting revenge after the first leg. The citizens beat Pochettino’s by two goals to one.

Jesús Gallego: “Messi’s game is forgettable, nobody will remember him at the Etihad Stadium. City has dominated as it does in the Premier”.

Pablo Pinto: “PSG has many individualities, but they have to act more like a team if they want to win the Champions League.”

Julio Pulido: “I wonder if you can win something in today’s football with only seven players defending. Today it was clear that Ramos was not going to make his debut, but Ramos’s debut is getting closer and closer.”


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