Here’s why Zen Internet’s full-fibre is worth the wait for ultra-fast broadband speeds throughout Bolton

Residents in Bolton can now access full-fibre connectivity with Zen Internet, the only Which? Recommended Provider for Broadband 2022.

Delivered over the CityFibre network, more than 20,000 homes are already enabled, with thousands more added every month.

Only 33 per cent of UK households are full-fibre enabled, giving residents of Bolton the opportunity to be early adopters on what is being coined the future of broadband.

What is full fiber broadband?

Full-fibre broadband is the faster, more reliable, higher performance connection the UK has been waiting for, and it’s now already available via Zen for thousands of residents in Bolton.

Whether for working, playing, streaming, downloading or backing up precious files, Zen’s full-fibre is built to keep the whole home connected.

Whatever you’ve heard it called – from Fiber To The Premises (FTTP) and Fiber To The Home (FTTH) to Ultrafast or Gigafast – full-fibre gives you a different type of broadband; one that swaps old-fashioned copper wires for a faster, more modern and reliable connection delivered via fiber optic cables.

Traditional broadband connections use copper wires all the way from the exchange to your home. Copper is great at carrying phone calls, but when it’s used for data, as it has been for years, it can create certain problems.

For example, the strength of your signal can degrade very quickly over copper, which basically means the longer the copper wire between your home and the exchange, the slower your broadband speed.

Replacing the traditional copper broadband connections, full-fibre uses fiber optic cables

Fiber to the Cabinet (FTTC) improved this situation to a great deal in the last decade by using fiber optic cable to connect the exchange to your local street cabinet. But that ‘last leg’ – the final bit of distance between the cabinet and your house – still uses copper telephone wires.

Now, full-fibre ensures a fiber connection all the way to your home. That means a more robust, reliable connection delivering internet speeds of up to 900Mbps is now available and can be enjoyed by thousands of residents in Bolton with Zen Internet over the CityFibre network.

Why do I need Zen’s full-fibre broadband?

Consider all the things you use your broadband for today. From streaming video, watching on-demand TV, downloading and playing online games and working from home, to connecting all your household’s devices, including smart home technology.

Over the next few years, 4K streaming is on track to become the norm, which means most of our entertainment will be online. We might even be streaming our games too. Then there’s home working, which for many has become permanent.

Don’t forget all those smart home devices. From smart speakers to thermostats, doorbells, CCTV, alarms, sensors and more. As our homes become increasingly connected, they’ll put an ever-greater strain on our bandwidth.

That’s the key point. This isn’t just about great speed for a single connected device. This is about more than enough bandwidth to connect all your devices simultaneously and the ability to futureproof a home’s internet capabilities.

With download and upload speeds of up to 900Mbps, Zen’s full-fibre is available in a range of packages starting from £29.99 per month, allowing a household to connect all devices lightning-fast and super reliably at the same time.

Zen’s full fiber is worth the wait

Full-fibre is probably one of the biggest leaps forward in connectivity since the switch from dial-up to broadband.

It’s built to cope with even the most demanding internet use both now and in the future. This, in other words, means it will provide all the bandwidth you need today and probably for years to come.

When you’re looking for the absolute ultimate in a home connection, when the whole family wants to connect without compromise, when reliable home working is a must, when video calling is crucial, when you’re connecting the smart home of the future today , full-fibre with Zen over the CityFibre network is definitely worth the wait.

For more information about full-fibre, call 01706 902573 or visit Zen’s website here.

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