Here’s how house prices have risen in every area of ​​Greater Manchester


The UK has seen a huge increase in house prices over the last year, largely as a result of the pandemic.

After the lockdown, more and more people decided to move house due to the change in ideals, and the stamp duty holiday also caused people to get up earlier than planned.

But the supply of properties could not meet the demand, so the houses that were available on the market had multiple buyers competing for them, driving house prices even higher.

This trend continues in 2022, with property demand increasing 49% and house prices even higher than last year.

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Across Greater Manchester, the average house price has risen over the past year, with Zoopla naming Manchester the UK city with the second highest price growth over the past year.

Here we analyze which of the 10 districts in the region have had the highest growth in house prices since 2021 and what is the average house price now in each area.

According to Zoopla, this data from its House Price Index is the most accurate and up-to-date.


In January 2021, the median house price in Bolton was recorded at £139,000.

As of this month, it jumped to £151,800, an annual increase of 9.2%.


The median house price in Bury is currently around £195,500.

In January 2021 it was recorded at £179,200, so there has been an annual increase of 9.1%.

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At this time last year, the median house price in Manchester was £173,200.

It is now up 7.2%, the lowest annual increase in Greater Manchester boroughs, with a current price of £185,700 in January 2022.


This month, the median price of a house in Oldham is around £155,100.

In January 2021, the median house price was £138,600, an annual growth of 11.9% and the largest increase of the 10 boroughs.


Rochdale has had the second highest house price growth in Greater Manchester, with an annual price change of 11.8%.

The median house price was recorded at £133,300 in January 2021 and has risen to £149,000 this month.


In January 2021, the median house price in Salford was around £163,300.

There has been a 7.3% year-over-year increase, with the standard price now £175,200 as of January 2022.


Currently, the median price of a home in Stockport is £255,400.

This is an 8.1% annual price increase from January 2021, when the average was around £236,300.


Tameside house prices have increased by 8.5% over the last year.

The median house price is currently £166,200, but was recorded at £153,200 in January 2021.


Trafford is currently the district with the most expensive house prices in Greater Manchester.

In January 2021, the median home price was £294,200, but in 2022 it has increased by 7.8% to £317,200.


As of January 2021, the median house price in Wigan was around £135,000.

There has been a 10% year-over-year increase, with the standard price in January 2022 now ££148,600.

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