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Since Game of Thrones came to our screens and became one of the great series of the 21st century, all chains have tried to find their goose that lays golden eggs with a fantastic universe. The bet of Netflix it was The Witcher, the adaptation of the literary work of the Polish Andrzej Sapkowski. Through ten novels, create a world of dark fantasy by following the footsteps Geralt of Rivia, a mutant warlock who hunts monsters for money.

Henry Cavill is the face we all associate with that character, and now he has presented the second season of the series in Madrid. The British actor was slow to get this role, but he struggled to wield the character’s sword since he was aware of the series. “It is a project that I have pursued long before it became reality. I found out that Netflix had bought the rights and contacted them. I did the first test and they told me no, they would continue to test more options. But I had a real passion for the project and I kept trying, “he says at the press conference.

The series was one of the most watched, according to data from the streaming platform, and has a legion of fans around the world. In the face of a second season that has been released later than normal due to the pandemic, the expectation is higher than normal. “There is always that responsibility to give continuity to a character taking into account the reference material. We always try to be true to the story and do the book justice. For me, at all times it consisted in that, in bringing the character from the books as much as possible to the series, ”he says about his character. “I insisted a lot, I campaigned to present the most intellectual, deepest part of the character, all his wisdom, and to give it a more three-dimensional sense ”.

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Cavill takes credit for assuring that he is not the one who knows the most about The Witcher, although he recognizes that the fact of being read the novels has helped him a lot to prepare his character. “I love the world of fantasy, and that has helped me understand the nuances and complexity of this story”, assures. As a good fan of the saga, he has also taken into account the feedback from the fans and the comments that come to him.

“There are a lot of people who rule this universe out there, and I have read some really interesting suggestions. There are things that I got to choose from in the first season, and I asked for my character to be quieter. I knew he was more talkative, but I tried to convey that wiser and more interesting way that I had perceived in the book, instead of putting in dialogues that would not be able to show what this character really is, “he acknowledges. “In season two I realized that old school fans hadn’t appreciated this as much., and I wanted to give them a voice in what I am allowed. It is very important to listen to the fans whenever it is in a constructive way”, Assures the actor.

Gamer proud

The series continues with Geralt’s relationship with Princess Cirilla, amid a prophecy that continues to haunt the Continent. A whole world to explore in several seasons, which are already on the producers’ table. “My beginnings with this story were videogames, I was impressed by the richness of that world, how it was nuanced and how they had adapted Sapkowski’s work. “I read the books later, I loved them because I saw that the complexity and nuances grew even more in there and I thought ‘I have to interpret this, I love the story, especially the character of Geralt,” continues the actor.

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Few fans are more enthusiastic than the actor himself, who has read all the books in the series, but who met the character he plays through video games. Gamer proudly remember your first steps in history virtually. “I entered the world of videogames thanks to my father. I remember begging him for my first computer and doing a thing that was the forerunner of the gaming, of the online game, which was to connect several computers “, says the actor. “I don’t understand how developers have the talent to transform code in the worlds we see, it’s absolute magic. It seems to me a privilege to be able to enter those worlds and cross the borders of our imagination”, He affirms while lamenting for not having more free time to play.

Double Hero: Geralt of Rivia and Superman

A crush is what Cavill felt when he learned the story of the protagonist of the novels. From the first moment he wanted to get under his skin and give it a broader dimension than what he had discovered in video games. “One thing about him impressed me, and that is that when you meet him, he cheats on you, and when you go deeper you realize that he is a very special character, with a lot of wisdom. As I went deeper, I had more and more desire to play the role, and despite the initial rejection, I did not end up succeeding, ”he says proudly.

He is not the only epic character with whom the interpreter is related. He has worn the cape of Superman in the latest DC hero movies, and does not close the door to follow if in the future he has a chance. “Being the face that people associate with Geralt de Rivia and Superman is a privilege, but above all it is a responsibility.. I think it is very important to interpret them because they are characters very loved by the public. I have become a little custodian of these characters being a fan of them, so it is a privilege to get into their skin “, considers the actor.

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