Heartbroken mum held son’s ‘ice-cold body’ in the street after hearing gunshots

Keon Lincoln was hunted down and stabbed by the gang before a 14-year-old boy brandishing a revolver stood over him and blasted him in the stomach, Birmingham Crown Court reported

Keon Lincoln's murderers have now been sent to prison
Keon Lincoln’s murderers have now been sent to prison

A mum has relived the moment she felt a “chill” through her veins as she held her son’s “ice cold” body outside their home.

Sharmaine Lincoln has echoes of the gunshots ringing out in her head as her boy Keon was killed on their doorstep in Handsworth, West Midlands.

The 15-year-old was hunted down and stabbed by a gang – before a 14-year-old boy brandishing a revolver stood over him and blasted him in the stomach, Birmingham Mail reported.

The attackers fled the scene in a car which crashed into a house a short distance away.

Today at Birmingham Crown Court four teenagers were convicted of murder, including Yussuf Mustapha who fired the fatal shot.

Sharmaine says she’s in a nightmare she can’t wake up from



They were sentenced to life in prison at Birmingham Crown Court.

A fifth was locked up for 12 years for manslaughter.

Ahead of their sentence, an emotive statement from Sharmaine was read to the court.

In it she detailed the moment she found her boy and the horrifying daily impact on her life.

“I am in a nightmare I cannot wake up from,” her statement read.

“A piece of soul has been taken from me. I hear the words his heart has stopped. Then I hear the words: ‘I’m sorry, we tried everything we could’.

“I feel the chill through my veins as I held my boy’s ice-cold body. I saw my beautiful boy’s body being lowered into the ground.”

She said she had been left with her emotions every day after the “heartless, evil monsters set out to turn a family’s world upside down”.

“Gunshots ring in my ears knowing one of them ultimately ended my son’s life,” she said.

“I miss my boy so much that it physically hurts. I’m still unable to come to terms with the fact you’re gone for good.

“I can only hope there will come a day when the senseless murder of children will come to an end.”

Gunman Mustapha, who was sentenced to life, was ordered to serve a minimum term of 16 years.

A 16-year-old, who cannot be named, will serve a minimum term of 17 years while 18-year-olds Michael Ugochukwu and Tahjgeem Breakenridge were ordered to serve 19 years before being eligible for release.

A fifth man, Kieron Donaldson, 18, of Aston Lane, Perry Barr, was convicted of manslaughter after it was found he provided the knives used to kill Keon.

Police with the crashed getaway car in Wheeler Street, Handsworth, Birmingham


Adam Hughes / SWNS)

He was sentenced to 12 years in a young offender’s institute.

In sentencing, Judge William Davis said: “Keon Lincoln aged 15 was murdered close to his family home in Linwood Road, Handsworth by five young men.

“They had arrived in a stolen car. Four of them had knives with which they attacked Keon. One had a revolver. He shot Keon in the abdomen as Keon lay on the ground. That was the fatal wound.

“Less than a minute after they arrived the five men had left in the stolen car. Keon’s mother was in the family home. She heard the shots.

“She went out to find her son dying on the pavement. Not only has she been robbed of her son when he was only 15 but also she had experience the trauma of watching him die.

“As she puts it in her VPS “I feel the chill through my veins as I hug my boy’s ice cold body”.

“When a 15 year old boy is killed in that way the first question will be Why? That question has never been answered. That does not mean that the murder of Keon was motiveless.

“It simply means that neither the jury nor I have any notion of what the motive was.

“However, the way that the murder was planned and carried out is quite clear.”

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