Health advice: ear wax check-ups before travel

An ear infection is the last thing you want…

Swimming in the sea, lounging by the pool or playing on the beach can be no fun at all with an ear infection or a blockage.

That’s why the aural care professionals at House of Hearing are on hand to make sure everything goes to plan with a quick check-up before you check-in for your well-earned break this summer.

“There are lots of DIY devices advertised online but they can make the problem worse”

“The last thing anyone wants on holiday is for something to go wrong – especially at a time when we can finally travel further to enjoy a ‘proper’ holiday after so long coping with lockdowns and restrictions,” says Scott Gowans, a registered nurse with House of Hearing.

“It is a really good idea to get your ears checked out before you head off on holiday so you can stop a problem in its tracks.”

Water can get behind even a small amount of ear wax, causing a blockage, which can be made worse with the pressure in an airplane cabin. A quick examination can determine if there is any wax and then an appropriate treatment can be quickly given.

Scott recommends, however, that you don’t try to deal with it yourself. “There are a lot of DIY devices advertised online but they can make the problem worse.

“I have seen a corkscrew-style gadget which could cause trauma to the sensitive skin in the ear canal or even cause a perforation of the ear drum. These can both cause infections, and a perforation can also lead to permanent hearing loss.

“Even using a cotton wool bud can push wax further into the ear, making the problem worse.

“You really need to go to people who know what they are doing.”

Ellie Evans, 42, was on holiday in Turkey when she lost the hearing in her left ear after it became completely blocked.

“I had been swimming a lot in the sea and the pool, and the heat must have done something to my ear wax because I went completely deaf on one side,” she says. “It was really disorienting; it wasn’t just that I couldn’t hear, but I also felt unbalanced and lopsided.

“Luckily, I was able to book in to see a local doctor within a couple of days who syringed my ears and cleared the blockage. I can’t imagine what the flight home would have been like otherwise… It’s good to know that I could avoid that happening again just by getting them checked before I leave for the airport.”

House of Hearing’s team of experts can speedily remedy any problems before suitcases are packed.

With more than 20 years’ experience, ENT nurse specialist Melanie Jackson heads up a team of specially trained aural care practitioners who can check for any build-up of wax or early signs of infection. Melanie, who has worked at House of Hearing since 2012 leading and providing their aural care and wax removal services, puts patient satisfaction at the heart of her job.

“Unlike other high street outlets, House of Hearing is set up to solely specialize in aural care, with our team only using hospital-grade microscopes and the best quality equipment,” says Melanie.

“Because our service is completely bespoke, if we are unable to remove all of the wax in your initial appointment, we will offer a follow-up appointment free of charge to complete the process. It’s those things which help to set us apart.”

Peace of mind before you travel

An ear check can also make sure you don’t have other problems, including:

– Underlying perforations

House of Hearing has a large clinic in Edinburgh’s West End at 10 Melville Crescent, as well as other hearing centers in Galashiels and Glasgow. They recently expanded their service in St Andrews and Perth, with both clinics moving into larger bespoke premises in the last few weeks.

To find out more and book an appointment with the experts at House of Hearing, click here or call 0131 639 0212 today.

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