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In just a few days, specifically next Friday, December 3, The Money Heist comes to an end with the issuance of its last five chapters. After a first batch of chapters in which the protagonists had to face the armed forces, Netflix offers us the outcome of a gang that conquered us in May 2017 with the assault on the Casa de la Moneda y Timbre. Will they be able to extract the gold from the Bank of Spain or will they perish in the attempt?

To say goodbye to the scale of the series, considered the most famous Spanish fiction of all time, Netflix has prepared a massive event in Madrid that has had the main cast of the series. In addition to talking about the last five chapters of the story, awarded in 2018 with the Emmy Award for best drama, those responsible for The Money Heist They have also offered us surprises like a new series focused on the history of Berlin.

From The Squid Game to La casa de papel

But this has not been the only surprise. After announcing this new series based on the thefts of the charismatic character played by Pedro Alonso, the video platform in streaming has shared a video in which we can see actor Park Hae-soo confirming that he will be part of the cast of the Korean version of The Money Heist. After becoming known worldwide after playing the evil Choo Sang-woo on The Squid Game, the Korean actor will play Berlin in the Korean adaptation of the Spanish series.

After confirming that he will play the charismatic Berlin in the Korean adaptation of The Money Heist, Park Hae-soo thanks Pedro Alonso for sending him his characteristic Salvador Dalí mask. Taking advantage of the occasion, the actor explained that the robbers of the Korean version will also have their own mask and that they will send one to Pedro Alonso as a souvenir as soon as they present it in society.

The series will arrive in 2022

After thanking the Spanish actor for the detail he had with him, Park Hae-soo recognizes that it is an emotion and an honor for him to participate in such a wonderful series as The Money Heist and play Berlin: “He’s an amazing character.” After succeeding internationally with a character who bears several similarities to Berlin, the Korean actor admits that he is ready to play the charismatic thief of The Money Heist.

But he’s not the only one: I’m sure the rest of the cast feel the same way. “However, we will still have to wait to see him in the characteristic red jumpsuit. After thanking the creators of The Money Heist for making a series of this caliber, Park Hae-soo has assured that they are looking forward to sharing the Korean version of a series that will arrive in 2022.


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