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The problems at FC Barcelona are multiplying economically, but, according to information from Deportes Cuatro, Laporta would have agreed to the arrival of Haaland. Meanwhile, Bale does not travel with Madrid to Alcoy and Atlético de Madrid finalizes Trippier’s departure for Newcastle.

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Bale does not travel to Alcoy

Despite having a new opportunity to recover in the Cup match against Alcoyano, Gareth Bale will not travel with the team due to physical discomfort.

Antonio Romero: “No professional likes to lie, and that is why the Madrid medical team says he has discomfort and not that he is injured.”

Julio Pulido: “Bale has been erased from the game, he didn’t want to play it.”

Barça’s problems face Laporta’s wishes

With the doubt of whether Ferran Torres can be registered with Dani Alves and a debt caused by the management of the previous board, Deportes Cuatro has revealed a meeting between Raiola and Laporta in which the arrival of Haaland to Barça was agreed if they achieved the money needed.

Antonio Romero: “If Ferran ends up returning to City, it would be such a ridiculous thing that the entire Barça board would have to leave.”

Julio Polished: “The reality of Barça’s speech is that they are 15 points behind the leader and playing the Europa League. They are selling a smoke that has no basis. “

Jesus Gallego: “If they manage to sign Haaland, it is to remove Nadia Calviño from the Ministry of Economy to put Laporta “.

Miguel Martín Talavera: “It remains to put your feet on the ground. You cannot pretend to sign as if nothing happened.”

Jordi Martí: “Dani Alves will be signed up tomorrow, but they are doing it on the hood.”

Lluis Flaquer: “One of the big problems is the fight of the realism of the club, Mateu Alemany, and the optimism that Laporta sells.”

David Bernabéu: “Before the delivery of the Golden Boy to Pedri, Laporta took the opportunity to meet with Raiola. A pact emerged: if they get the necessary money, they will go to Barça, but there is a stretch to make it happen. “

Trippier, heading to England

Although it was a fundamental piece of the league that Atlético de Madrid won last season, Trippier sets course for Newcastle in this winter market.

Julio Polished: “Simeone was very angry with him because he had been disconnected for a long time, asking to leave.”

Miguel Martín Talavera: “I was very happy at Atlético de Madrid in sports, but I missed England and wanted to come back. Economically it is good business; in sports, a gap “.


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