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The wait is over and after the initial delay, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC users can now enjoy the Master Chief’s Last Crusade. Halo Infinite (343 Industries) is a step up, especially in the environments, but it also brings back the feel of the classic first-person shooter games billed by Bungie.

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The Master Chief, protagonist of Halo, finds himself before his largest open world to date, the Halo Zeta ring. Our goal is to fight against Banished, who have invaded this new scenario in which to unleash our laser shots. After going outside we are faced with vast tracts of land dotted with enemy bases that we must take to reveal new goals and points of interest for our story. Practically half of the campaign takes place in open environments, while the rest are indoors or more limited and classic areas. This campaign lasts around ten hours, although it is a figure that can almost double if we look for all the secrets.

In Halo Infinite the Spartan abilities have disappeared to return to the special item system that we collect as we move forward and that endow us with superpowers. The fight takes us back to the first installments of the saga, with more sense of dizzying movement and key jumps to survive the enemy hordes. We have assault weapons, snipers and the always satisfying rocket launchers, and in this installment the hook is added, a tool that will provide us with moments in the open world to move around in a super agile way but that is also useful in combat if we invest in improving it. It is also important to highlight the differences in behavior and strategies of our enemies, with notable changes between Brutes, Grunts or Elites, leaving out the final bosses with their own mechanics and quite memorable fights.

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The other great pillar of Halo Infinite is its online multiplayer mode. It’s free to all users, guaranteeing you a good number of users if 343 Industries manages to keep the content fresh in the long run. In the line of this type of free games it also has paid cosmetic elements, but they should not affect our performance in battle. The combats, at least in a first contact, seem also to bet on simple mechanics to control; the complexity remains for the strategy of the squad, which can decant the games in modes such as the classic team duels, the dominance called fortress or the captures of the flag. In addition, vehicles provide that extra mobility that can be decisive in many cases.

More news

This week we have also been able to test KONA, a survival game with touches of horror and graphic adventure that has just landed in a digital version for PS5 and Xbox Series. It plunges us into northern Canada in the 70s, where we take on the role of a private investigator to uncover the secrets of an abnormally quiet town buried under the snowstorm. The search for heat is essential (here we do not have to worry about food or drink as in other survival games), at the same time that we try to investigate surreal events in the area that gradually increase our level of tension. Its soundtrack is well above its graphic detail -it is originally a PC game from 2017-, setting the experience in a very round way. Finally we must know that the dialogs of the game are in English, but it has subtitles in Spanish.

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This past weekend was held at IFEMA Amazon Gamergy mapfre, the paradise for gamers and eSports fans. After two years of hiatus, the twelfth edition of the event was held in a face-to-face format and with competitions at the highest level. Among others the finals of the Rocket League and Clash Royale masters, the National League of Counter Strike GO or the Opens of Valorant. In addition, Gamergy has had the presence of content creators who have had contact with their fans, such as the streamer and youtuber Soki, who has just published his book ‘Warzone. Soki’s Secrets’. Santos MontielCEO of the organizing company GGTech Entertainment, has expressed his satisfaction with the success of participation in the fair (almost 60,000 attendees) and with the naturalness with which companies, players and fans have taken health precautions.

The new SCUF Gaming Reflex controllers for PS5 / SCUF Gaming

And we also do not want to close this SER Jugones without mentioning the arrival on the market of the first range of high-performance controllers for Playstation 5 of the brand SCUF Gaming, especially focused on first-person shooter games (shooters, FPS). Are the controllers SCUF Reflex, SCUF Reflex Pro y Reflex FPS. All of them have the system of rear levers so useful in shooters, that they earn those precious milliseconds in our actions that can make the difference between life and death in online games. The Reflex and Reflex Pro include DualSense adaptive triggers that change in hardness depending on the weapon we handle, while the Reflex FPS range offers high-performance grip, stops and instant-press triggers, and dispenses with vibration and adaptive triggers for torque. favor targeting in any circumstance. So far the SER Jugones this week, have a good time.

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