Hairdresser killed after running herself over with own SUV in ‘dreadful’ freak accident

Blanche Mullinger had arrived at a client’s home when she got out of her car, accidentally hit the accelerator and was dragged under the front wheels, dying just moments later

Hairdresser Blanche Mullinger died after being dragged under her car

A hairdresser was run over by her own car outside a client’s house when she was dragged under the front wheel after leaving her automatic SUV in reverse.

Blanche Mullinger’s Mazda CX-5 had its engine running and in gear when she went to get an item out of the back of the car before returning to the front and reaching inside the driver’s door.

It was then that she accidentally put her foot on the accelerator and with one foot inside she was dragged under the front wheels of the 1.5 tonne vehicle and died from a heart attack.

Her client Marzena Ozimek told Hampshire Coroner’s Court in Winchester, Hants, that she heard Ms Mullinger scream after she pulled up outside her house for an appointment.

Ms Ozimek said: “I received a call from Blanche and she said she believed she was in front of my house.

She accidentally put her foot on the accelerator when she stepped into her car



“She was on her mobile phone… I saw her so I said I can see you now, you can put down the phone, and I started coming down the stairs. As I came downstairs she was still on her phone. She was parked.

“I told her to get off the phone and then as I moved out I noticed Blanche was bending over in the rear offside car door which was open and it appeared that she was grabbing something.”

Ms Ozimek said she saw Ms Mullinger go back towards the driver’s seat when the car shot backwards.

“I then heard a scream from Blanche. I started running towards her.

“I noticed Blanche’s head was wedged under the front wheel of the right hand side of the car and her foot was still inside the car.

“It appeared her foot was stuck under the dashboard while the rest of her body was lying on the ground.”

Ms Ozimek said she banged on neighbours’ doors in Bordon, Hants, to get help and then stopped a man who was driving past as she could not drive and didn’t want to try moving the car and cause any more damage.

“The man pushed the open door to move the car. By doing this we managed to free Blanche’s head from under the wheel. I was then advised to move her leg from within the car and then I turned the car off by the power button.

“Myself and the man dragged her out… a streak of blood followed as she moved and this appeared to be coming from the back of her head. The blood was leaving a stain on the road.

“At that point her face looked grey, her lips were bluish. When you looked at her you knew she might be dead.”

Police Sergeant Jamie Barron said it appeared from CCTV that Ms Mullinger, from Bordon, had accidentally stepped on the accelerator, after she left the car in reverse instead of park.

He said she may have been “distracted” from being on her phone at the time of the incident on September 28 last year. She died the next day in Southampton General Hospital.

The court heard she was unmarried and had one son who she had only recently got back in touch with before her death.

Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp, area coroner for Hampshire, said it was a “dreadful accident” and the main cause of death was hypoxic ischemic brain injury, caused by a “traumatic cardiac arrest”, caused by an “accidental reversal of car on self” .

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