GTA 5 on PS5 and Xbox series X/S: New features, how to pre-order and transfer save files

Since its release in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V has become one of the most successful media properties of all time. Part of that success comes is thanks to its many re-releases on next-generation hardware and the ongoing success of GTA Online.

It was expected that Grand Theft Auto V would make its way over to the Playstation 5 and Xbox series X/S eventually, and now the game is just around the corner.

Originally released on the seventh generation of gaming consoles (Playstation 3 and Xbox 360) the title has seen a number of new ports as well as a host of downloadable content, most recently in December 2021 with the release of The Contract for GTA Online.

Now new details on a Rockstar Blog post have elaborated on what the upcoming version of the game will entail, how to transfer old save files over to the new edition and how to access your GTA Online account.

To find out more details about the upcoming re-release, keep reading below.


‘Grand Theft Auto V’ PS5 and Xbox series X/S release date

The Playstation 5 and Xbox series X/S versions of GTA V will be available digitally from 15 March. Pre-orders and pre-loading will be available from 8 March a week ahead of release.

No details on the next-generation version’s price have been released but we can expect to see more details when pre-orders go live on 8 March.

What new features will be available in ‘GTA V’ PS5 and Xbox series X/S versions

The new version of GTA V will introduce high-end visuals to both consoles with new graphics modes featuring up to 4K resolution, a frame rate of up to 60 frames per second, improved texture quality, HDR options and ray tracing, as well as utilizing the technical advancements of faster loading times, immersive 3D audio and support for platform-specific features on PS5 and Xbox series X/S.

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“Fidelity mode” is tuned for the highest visual quality and targets 30 FPS. In this mode the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X/S support native 4K resolution with ray-tracing enabled while the Xbox series S supports upscaled 4K resolution.

“Performance mode” targets 60 FPS. In this mode the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X/S support upscaled 4K resolution while the Xbox series S supports a resolution of 1080p.

In addition, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X have “Performance RT mode”, a hybrid of the fidelity and performance modes supporting upscaled 4K resolution with ray-tracing enabled and targeting 60 FPS.

How to transfer ‘GTA V’ save data

PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to transfer both their GTA V Story Mode progress and their current GTA Online characters and progression to next-generation consoles, but they will only be able to do this once.

Players can begin transferring their Story Mode progress by uploading a save to the Rockstar Games Social Club. To begin this process, enter GTA 5 on your current console account and go to the “Game” tab of the pause menu. From there, select the “Upload Save Game” option. Saves will remain available to download for 90 days and you can only have one save per account.

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