Gruesome details of Prince Andrew’s body may be exposed at trial, legal expert says


Prominent media lawyer Mark Stephens says he “cannot conceive of the Royal Family allowing” Prince Andrew to take his civil sex case to trial because the lurid details could “overshadow” the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.

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Prince Andrew ‘demands jury trial’ in civil sex case

Prince Andrew could face intimate questions about his sex life and body when he presents evidence in his civil sex trial, a leading lawyer says today.

And media lawyer Mark Stephens warns that the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations will be “overshadowed” by the Duke of York’s possible civil jury trial and raise questions about the “relevance” of the royal family.

But depending on events, the duke may settle out of court with Virginia Giuffre, who is suing the queen’s son for sexual assault. The Duke denies the accusations.

Stephens said any trial, expected by the end of the year, could have far-reaching consequences for the royal family as a whole.

The Queen will pass her Platinum Jubilee milestone in February next year and the celebrations will begin in June.


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He said: “I cannot conceive of the royal family allowing you to take this case and overshadow the Platinum Jubilee.

“It’s going to spark a debate about the relevance and appropriateness of the royal family and we’ve already seen that they moved very quickly to strip him of his titles and that debate has died down, but the more details that come to light the more there’s going to be a problem.” for the royal family in general.”

Commenting on the lurid details that may emerge from the trial, Stephens said: “For example, Virginia Giuffre will be asked questions about the prince’s body, any markings, his performance, what positions were taken, all the details that can be asked. and then that will be put on Andrew.

A trial in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year could be damaging


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He speculated that the duke could still withdraw from a trial to avoid the legal spectacle that could damage the monarchy’s position in the year of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

He said: “The reason we think he has to settle is for the time being.

“Essentially, this case will take up the rest of this year, and if it takes up the rest of this year, it will be your mother’s entire Platinum Jubilee.

Virginia Giuffre claims she was trafficked across borders to have sex with the Duke on three occasions, which she claims he has always strenuously denied.



“The only thing he could have done to prevent this from getting worse is to have withdrawn the case and stopped it in some way so that there would be no alternative news. This is going to be crippling if he’s really determined to take it to trial.”

The issue has begun to affect other members of the royal family, and the Duke of Cambridge was faced with a question about his uncle when he visited London’s Foundling Museum with his wife last week.

William was asked by a Sky television reporter: “Do you support Andrew?” as the couple left, but he did not respond.

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