Groom slammed for attending own wedding to bride, 16, in jeans and T-shirt

Best friend of the bride, Violet Price, 16, from Doncaster, shared a now-infamous clip on TikTok, showing bride Catherine Nicholson getting married to her casually-attired groom

The picture has prompted a lot of discussion online
Social media users have taken issue with the apparent lack of effort behind the mystery groom’s choice of attire

A groom who turned up for his wedding in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a slogan across the front has prompted widespread criticism.

Some critics have even asked if he “even knew he was getting married”.

TikTok user Violet Price, 16, shared a now-infamous clip on the platform, showing her glamorous “best friend” Catherine Nicholson getting married to her casually-attired groom.

According to Yorkshire Live reports, the clip has received more than 1.5 million views.

Many social media users took issue with the apparent lack of effort behind the mystery groom’s choice of attire.

For the celebratory occasion, the groom opted for a black t-shirt from the streetwear brand, Palm Angels, and paired it with gray washed jeans and trainers.

His bride Catherine, 16, went for a more traditional approach and was pictured wearing a white mermaid style wedding gown, complete with cinched waist and a long lace train.

The groom opted for a black t-shirt paired with gray washed jeans and trainers

In the video, Catherine and Violet could be seen having fun on a fairground ride while Violet accompanied the footage with the caption: “My best friend a couple of months ago telling me she ain’t gunna fall in love.”

In the accompanying audio, they can also both be heard chanting, “I ain’t falling in love this summer, I do my thing this summer” in the background, before the video cuts to Catherine on her wedding day, a mere two months later.

Several social media users expressed their views too on the speed at which Catherine had taken the marital plunge, with many commenting that it seemed too short a time for such a serious commitment.

One person said: “Everyone talking about what he’s wearing but I’m thinking how a couple of MONTHS before her wedding she didn’t wanna fall in love…”

Another suggested the images from the wedding day did not show a beaming bride, saying: “She’s not exactly giving happy in love vibes tbf.”

A third added: “Okay but his outfit aside, sis don’t even look happy.”

Despite the whirlwind romance already drawing some critical comments, many users took more umbrage with the groom’s chosen outfit – and didn’t hold back when sharing their thoughts on the matter.

One person asked: “Did he not know he was getting married?”

Another joked: “Wedding at 5. Wetherspoons with the lads’ at 6.”

Noting the effort made by Catherine for the big day, a third said: ‘I would’ve done a u-turn as soon as I saw him.

“Imagine putting all the effort into looking beautiful & then your ‘fiancé’ shows up like THAT?”

Violet, however, was accepting none of it and hit back at trolls that called into question her friend’s happiness by posting: “For god sake stop, she’s married and very happy.

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