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The bulls of Victorino Martín, who made their debut in Cali, the Colombian bullfighter Luis Bolívar and the Spanish Emilio de Justo starred yesterday, Thursday, on a very emotional afternoon in the Plaza de Cañaveralejo.

Three bulls were awarded the prize of the return to the ring, and the bullfighters walked nine ears and one tail. At the end of the celebration, the departure on the shoulders of the three reflected what had happened moments before in the ring: the emotion of the nobility and quality of the brave bull and the dedication and bullfighting of those who dressed in lights and achieved a deserved triumph .

It is true that neither the presidency nor the public exhibited the required demand, but the victorians, well presented for the category of the square, they fully complied with the picadors, wasted mobility and quality in their attacks, humiliated and repeated in the final third and led to the triumph of their matadors.

Three specimens were granted a return to the ring, and two of them – third and fourth – were asked for a pardon, which was not granted for sanitary reasons – apparently, no bull could leave the square alive – although the President stroked the orange scarf both times.

Luis Bolívar fights the natural to the first bull of the afternoon.
Luis Bolívar fights the natural to the first bull of the afternoon.ERNESTO GUZMÁN JR (EFE)

With the exception of the last two, with the shorter onslaught and which presented more difficulties for the fight, Victorino Martín’s bulls were great traveling companions for the bullfighters. They went with alacrity and joy to the capes, complied on the horses, provided the third of flags and expressed their quality on the crutch, in which they repeated ad nauseam with humiliation and exquisite nobility and temperance.

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All of them, including the two who closed the celebration, starred in a great bullfighting afternoon for their aggressiveness, promptness, fixity and transmission; even because of the difficulties posed by those least conducive to success. An extraordinary triumph for Victorino Martín, present in the plaza, moved and with tears on the surface for the game of his bulls, and also determined that there would be no pardon to avoid the lace in the corrals or, in unlikely case , that a live bull could be left on Colombian soil with the inherent danger that its seed would bear fruit in that country.

The bulls could not choose their bullfighters, but they were lucky with Luis Bolívar and Emilio de Justo.

Emilio de Justo, during the slaughter of the crutch to the fourth bull.
Emilio de Justo, during the slaughter of the crutch to the fourth bull.ERNESTO GUZMÁN JR (EFE)

The first, a young veteran, known in Spain, where he has triumphed without finishing breaking, knew the serious commitment he acquired when doing the paseo. He returned to appear before the Spanish fans thanks to television, with a herd that he knows well – it was taken over by Victorino Martín Sr. when he was a bullfighter – and alongside one of the current figures. And, certainly, he responded to the stake with gallantry, dedication and a bullfight at the height of his opponents. Pushed by the affection of his countrymen, Bolívar surprised with his cape maturity, he was up to the task in the final third and, although it is noticeable that he fights little, he regreen laurels of the past and asked for a place in the next Spanish fairs.

And Emilio de Justo once again said that he is going through an exceptional moment. Perhaps today he is the most shaped bullfighter in the ranks, who is served by all bulls, and with all of them he triumphs with a privileged head and a refined technique. Tempered, deep, elegant and artist with the good second bull, extraordinary with the spectacular fourth, and intelligent and overflowing with the difficult sixth, De Justo once again demonstrated his consolidation as a figure of bullfighting.

An afternoon, in short, of bulls and bullfighters very interesting, surprising for the quality of the victorians and the delivery of the bullfighters; emotion on the surface for the Colombian fans and a show, despite the logical prevailing triumphalism, very beneficial for bullfighting.


Victorino Martín bulls, well presented and pleasant in the face, brave in general on the horses, with just forces, very noble and of quality the first four (those fought in first, third and fourth places were turned around the ring); more difficult the last two.

Luis Bolivar: low lunge, (two ears); lunge (two ears); lunge and thrust (silence).

Emilio de Justo: prick and lunge (two ears); lunge (two ears and tail); lunge (ear).

Cañaveralejo Square. Cali, Colombia). December 30th. Last fair run. Almost three quarters of entry.

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