Gran showers at shopping centre as broken stairlift leaves her unable to wash at home

Jean Price, 68, cannot climb the stairs in her home due to ill health and has to travel to shower after her stairlift broke six months ago.

Jean Price is losing her hair over the stress
Jean Price is losing her hair over the stress

An ill grandma is forced to shower at a shopping centre three times a week after her stairlift broke six months ago.

Jean Price, 68, is unable to climb stairs in her home, where she has lived for four decades, to the bathroom due to ill health.

She has been forced to travel from Eastham, Wirral, around 20 minutes to Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet three times a week, reports Echo.

Her home is owned by Magenta who had been maintaining and servicing the stairlift installed by the former Wirral Partnership Homes.

Her daughter, Lisa said her mum, who is 68, is not being treated with dignity due to not being able to use her own shower.

She said: “My mum is losing her hair over the stress of the situation. She cries every day and feels embarrassed to have anyone in the house.

“She is trying to travel to Cheshire Oaks to shower in their ground floor disabled toilets, she can’t use mine because it is upstairs.”

George and Jean have waited six months for the lift to be fixed

Lisa said the family have secured a grant from Wirral Council to fix the stairlift but she claims the council said they can’t replace the stairlift because her mum is over the weight limit.

She said: “Wirral Council said they will install a lift that goes through the ceiling, but work won’t take place until next year, leaving my mum in this awful situation all over Christmas.”

Lisa said the worry has been made worse due to the fact her dad, Jean’s husband, George, 68, has dementia and is due to have a cancer operation on December 23.

Lisa said: “I understand that contractors are fully booked and there are logistics to this process but I feel my mum and dad should be made a priority.

“They had been offered another home to stay in but my mum feared it would confuse my dad due to his dementia.

“No one wants to see their mum go through something like this when there is such a simple way to fixing, it is costing her her dignity.”

The stairlift will only be replaced in the New Year

A spokesperson for Magenta said alternatives have been offered to Mr and Mrs Price: “When Mr and Mrs Price first experienced problems with their stairlift, our contractor visited and subsequently confirmed that it had come to the end of its working life and needed replacing.

“Magenta Living therefore provided short-term local hotel accommodation for Mr and Mrs Price including allowances towards costs incurred such as food and travel.

“In the meantime, Magenta Living supported them with their application to Wirral Council to carry out the relevant assessment for an adaptation.

“We understand that a through floor lift has now been ordered by Wirral Council, but it is likely to be well into the new year before it can be installed.

“Magenta Living has offered Mr and Mrs Price a similar three-bedroom house on a temporary basis.

“It is close to their current home, has a suitable lift and benefits from having a wet room. We have kept this available for them and, should they wish to change their mind, they can move in almost immediately.”

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