Goya nominees for best actress: there can only be one left

One more year there are four actresses who manage to reach the most sought-after film final. And so there are 36 editions where risk, diversity and the claim that, although they do not have it easy, are the palpable demonstration that actresses, from a certain age, are not invisible. In Spanish cinema, they are essential.

Plumarquista Cruz

The actress of the records. None has ever gotten as many nominations in her category. She arrives at number 13 and this is not the time to believe in superstitions because Penelope is always a prize. Three Goyas already on their shelves chatting with Oscar, Volpi and BAFTA.

Penélope Cruz, Israel Elejalde and the skull in ‘Parallel Mothers’

The teenager from Alcobendas who when she saw tie me up In a neighborhood cinema, he dreamed of working for Pedro Almodóvar one day. Not only has he succeeded, but together they already form an indisputable brand. The muse, her friend, her confidante, the actress who allows herself to be molded in the hands of a demanding director who knows that with her there are no limits. The last gift from her: that Janis for which she can win a new statuette. This ‘Parallel Mother’ does not have it easy. Her companions, who are not rivals, arrive wanting Goya.

addicted to risk

“I’m freaking out… this year I did not expect it”. first statements of Emma Suarez at the arrival of the Film Academy the day the nominations were revealed. And it is so. Because he opted for a film by a new director, Javier Marco, in a small story, Josephinewhich went largely unnoticed by the public but fortunately not by voters.

Story of silences in the career of an actress who has said a lot in our cinema, and what she has left to say. She reaches her seventh nomination in a career in which she has already won three Goya Awards and to which she has dedicated 43 years of 57. Decades of her in which she has given us unforgettable movie moments.

The first time

Of all the finalists, she is the oldest and the one who had never been tempted by Goya: Petra Martinez. Who can not love Petra Martinez. And who hasn’t ‘googled’ her name after that speech that has gone viral where she extolled the virtues of masturbation without age filter.

Mischievous eyes, unmistakable voice, and an undeniable career in theater, television and a cinema that loves her more than ever. She is an actress with whom she is always wonderful to talk to and who confesses that she wants prizes and that she is already 77 years old. She already visualizes the night of February 12 in Valencia: “if I don’t win, nothing happens and, if I win, there will be no room for my happiness”. And win or not, there will be his partner and his eternal travel companion, Juan Margallo, remembering that this tandem is indestructible because Life… that was it.

Long-distance race

Viggo Mortensen told me at the time that, during the international promotion of Alatriste, They always asked him aboutthat very different actor who played Torquemada”. That actor, as we all know, was not an act: she was an actress without fear, without a network, without vertigo and with a DNA where she dominates acting. White Portillo: All-terrain actress of undeniable talent who in her fourth nomination could be the winner.

Favorite in many pools, many of us have had to check over and over again that it has not yet won the most coveted award in our cinema. This year she has all the ballots to achieve it: her transmutation into Maixabel Lasa, is one of those roles destined for the big ones. She is one of them. In Valencia we will know if she returns home with Goya sitting on her lap.


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