Gordon Ramsay fillets salmon while blindfolded in latest episode of Future Food stars

Gordon Ramsay will impress his contestants on Future Food Stars tonight.

The second installation of the BBC cooking contest hits screens tonight and the Scots celebrity chef will show off his incredible skills in the kitchen while demonstrating a task.

The series follows an Apprentice-style format which sees 12 food and drink entrepreneurs battle it out to win investment in their business from Ramsay himself.

Gordon is pushing those taking part to the limit through a series of relentless challenges that tests their character and business acumen.

The person who impresses him most will win a life-changing investment – a whopping £150,000 of Ramsay’s own money.

They’ve got their work cut out for them though and just how much that fact is true can be seen in the latest challenge they will face.

Gordon is tasking them with filleting a salmon to within 20 grams of the weight they would expect chefs to cut a piece cleanly into in a working kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars

Setting up to demonstrate what he wants them to do, Gordon will be seen telling his hopefuls: “Trust me, I’ve filled these things so many times, I can almost do it with my eyes close.

“In fact, I’m going to.”

As the clip continues, the contestants can be seen whooping and cheering at first as Gordon pulls on a blindfold and they are wide-eyed at his culinary techniques.

However, as the famously fiery chef gets going, their happy faces turn to looks of worry as they perform the task they also face.

Gordon tells them: “First thing sharpen your knife, feel the gill and literally slice through there, pull back and run through, turn the fish over, find that center bone, let the knife do the work, all the way down and just come.” through.”

Future Food Stars 12 contestants
Future Food Stars 12 contestants

He adds: “Now this is the tricky part, all the way down the rib cage, carefully without bursting it, once you get through the rib cage you should feel the salmon coming away.

“One side off.

“From there, up to the top of the head, knife goes in, come through that rib cage and off, lift that up and slice.

“Second side done.”

The contestants are then told they should be able to get 14 “beautiful” pieces of salmon, weighing around 200 grams per portion.”

Gordon adds: “If you cut too big you’re wasting profit, if you cut too small you can’t sell it.”

He adds he will give them 20 grams of flexibility either way, in a generous move that will probably not ease anyone’s nerves.

They have 20 minutes to complete their task.

Gordon’s new show was met with mixed reviews when it kicked off last week, with some viewers describing it a ‘love or hate like marmite’ situation.

One viewer tweeted: “Just recalled the new #wellend packed #FFS truly awful Future Food Stars from last night. Wondered if it was a covid dream or April Fools, but they are actually recruiting for series 2.”

Another ranted: “I wanted to really like #FutureFoodStars but then it started with an unnecessary, ableist, dangerous stunt as a challenge. No thanks. #FFS

“For anyone surprised that Gordon Ramsey has made another sh** tv show I have another shock; the queen is old and grass is green. #FutureFoodStars,” another tweeted.

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