Gonzalo Pasquier: “The place that most deserves its fame is Australia, the contrasts are spectacular” | The traveler

Gonzalo Pasquier is a photographer and head of content for Blue Banana, a Spanish sustainable clothing brand inspired by travel and adventure. He lives around and to see the world, and New Zealand, Iceland and the north of Spain are among the favorite places of this surf lover.

What place did you just come back from?

From Iceland, for work. I have been recording content for a new collection that we are going to launch.

Where have you been happiest?

In New Zealand. I visited it because for a year I settled in Australia, and being close I traveled with a friend in a motorhome to the South Island of the country. The landscapes are beautiful, with impressive fjords and mountains.

In short

Gonzalo Pasquier:
  • Favorite city in Europe? Amsterdam: for its vegetation integrated into the architecture and its lifestyle.
  • Any transportation you hate? I do not like the use of horses or donkeys.
  • Plato memorable. Pad thai noodles at a Thai night market.
  • It is not missing in your backpack … The camera. And, depending on the trip, a drone and an underwater camera.

The place that most deserves its fame?

Australia. Its contrasts are spectacular. And cities remind me of European ones. For me, Sydney is a bit like Barcelona: they welcome you quickly and you can build a pleasant life there.

What is your favorite place to rest?

Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia. When I take a break between work trips, I drive up north in the van with my dog ​​and my surfboard. Near the sea I am happy.

The destination you are looking forward to seeing?

The Route 66, to travel the United States from east to west. I had the trip planned for March 2020 and I can’t stop thinking about when I can reschedule it.

A very photographic sight.

The area of ​​Mount Bromo, a volcano that is in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, in Java (Indonesia). I went at sunrise, which is beautiful. The land is black and arid, and you feel it is alive.

Do you have any rituals when you travel?

Whenever I can I surf and watch the sun rise. I also usually return home with some change in my routine incorporated thanks to the trip.

What photographs of you do you remember most fondly?

My favorite photo is the one of the humpback whale that I took in French Polynesia. He had been looking for her all his life. We had to extend the trip to be there when the whales were calm.

Who is the most fascinating person you have met on your travels?

In French Polynesia I met Mark, an American who had been there for 40 years. He was a carpenter and had a surfboard rental business.

Some disappointment as a traveler.

Lately, and due to Instagram, when you visit something very special, you immediately see a line to take a selfie. In Bali, for example, over the last five years I have noticed how Kelingking Beach, on the island of Nusa Penida, has become a place full of bars, when it was a unique and remote place.

Count some extreme situation.

It was also in Bali. I decided to climb the Agung volcano, the highest on the island at 3,000 meters. We started at eleven o’clock at night in the dark and it was getting colder and colder: we were not prepared for that weather and it was very hard. But in the end we got to the top.

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