Glazers must listen to Gary Neville’s five-point plan to fix Manchester United – Steven Railston

It’s almost the first anniversary of Manchester United’s match against Liverpool at Old Trafford being postponed.

That was the first time a Premier League match had been postponed because of fan protests. The European Super League proposal, the fuel that fanned the flames, was an assault on football. The plan was sickening, despicable and backed by the Glazers. Thousands of supporters had been pushed over the edge and they wanted their voices to be heard. The anti-Glazer chants were heard loud and clear that day.

United were forced to stay in The Lowry Hotel as supporters sang “we decide, we decide, we decide when you can play.” The team buses remained empty and Old Trafford was besieged just down the road, with supporters breaking onto the pitch.

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To the backdrop of green and gold scarves, banners and flares, the atmosphere was hostile and tense. United fans’ anger was palpable that afternoon yet it eventually dissipated across the summer. The Glazers promised to make amendments to how the club operated in the future and United signed Jadon Sancho, Raphael Varane and Cristiano Ronaldo. Old Trafford was soon at full capacity again.

United were expected to contend for the Premier League title but that challenge never began. There is just one month left of the season and United have equaled their worst trophy drought for 40 years. The anger that had dissipated is now simmering again.

The away contingent at Goodison Park on Saturday afternoon were incensed at the end of the game. The majority of the current playing squad have shown they aren’t fit enough to wear the shirt and the weekend’s ugly performance was another unforgivable, spineless display. There are just a handful of players who actually want to be at the club and that showed.

United fans are angry. They are desperate to prevent their club from sinking to even darker depths and they want to do everything in their power to help restore it where it should be. That’s why they’re protesting against the Glazers later this week.

United fans have been called upon to mobilize against the Glazers by ‘The 1958’, the United fan group that is organizing the planned protest against Norwich. “Nothing will change until the head of the snake is removed,” the group’s statement read.

“It’s rotten and starts from the top down like any business. The club’s a mess so we need to act and raise awareness again.”

United supporters have wished for the Glazers to sell the club for some time now, however, as Gary Neville has reluctantly admitted, you can never force them to sell. If that’s the case, at least United fans can attempt to force genuine change by protesting.

Saturday’s protest has the potential to be the start of a fresh sustained campaign against the Glazers. If they want to appease supporters, if they have the club’s best interests at heart as they claim — it’s laughable to suggest they do, at present — so listening to Neville’s five-point plan wouldn’t be a bad place to start. “They’ve [Glazers] got to do four or five things,” Neville said last month.

Gary Neville has been critical of Manchester United.

“They’ve got to stop taking the dividends out of the club if they want to reset the culture, because when the owners are pulling money out of the club at the expense of the fans, at the expense of the project, at the expense of a successful team.

“Number two, they’ve got to pay off that debt, and they can do that by selling £500million in shares to the fans, not take it out of the club and pay off that debt. They can then rebuild that stadium with £1billion, and it does probably need knocking down to be fair.

“They then need to build a new training ground and they need to put £100-150million a year into a proper sporting project, along with those four things, and then you can say the Glazer family have reset the culture from the top.”

Without that five-point action plan being executed, it will be more of the same in the future for United.

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