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With paid accounts in the doldrums, the gifts of cash and promotions for direct payroll. Some banks choose to reward customers who bring their income, although in exchange for meeting certain conditions that should be known to avoid future surprises.

The first and foremost thing is to direct the payroll and, depending on the entity, there are differences in the minimum amount required. “In most cases they are related to the value of the gift,” they explain from the HelpMyCash portal. The minimum amount of income required is usually 600 euros. Sometimes recurring income works too. Likewise, entities can ask for more bonding in exchange for gifts for payroll, such as direct debit receipts or the use of cards.

On the other hand, it must be borne in mind that gift accounts offer some type of gift in exchange for the client having to respect a stay period, stand out in Kelisto. “Normally, banks use these kinds of promotions to attract new customers, although sometimes they also allow old customers to access them,” they point out.


Liberbank and Unicaja Banco have already materialized their merger but they do not all operate as a single entity. That is why each one still has its own commercial policy. Thus, Liberbank offers a gift of 150 euros in cash for taking the payroll to the entity equal to or greater than 600 euros (it is worth 250 euros for the self-employed). The offer is valid until December 31st. There are no commissions.

To access the promotion you have to enter Digital Banking and activate it from the “Contract” area. Afterwards, you have to select the account where you want to direct the payroll. Upon receiving the first payroll, the entity will enter the 150 euros.

Among the required conditions, in addition to reaching the minimum income of 600 euros, you must be the holder or hire a debit card and register the email. Clients must acquire a commitment to stay in the entity for 24 uninterrupted months. Customers who have received their income in the bank during the last year will not be able to participate.

On the other hand, Liberbank has the Share Plan, which allows you to get up to 250 euros for inviting up to 10 friends to open the Online SIN Account. The guest (who gets 25 euros) must make a purchase of any amount with the debit card.


Abanca offers 150 euros for direct debit of the payroll before December 31 in the Clara Online Account, an online account without commissions. It has a free app and debit card. If you live in Madrid, the amount reaches 300 euros. The promotion is valid for new direct debits of payroll or pension for a minimum amount of 600 euros per month and a stay of 24 months. In other words, only those who have not had their income domiciled in the bank during the last twelve months will be able to benefit from the campaign. The cash deposit will be made, after signing the commitment to stay, in the associated account.


The rural savings bank offers a bonus of 100 euros for domiciliary names between 950 and 1,199 euros, and 200 euros if it is 1,200 euros or more. The period of stay is 36 months and the deadline to access is December 31. It is valid for those clients who direct their payroll. It is necessary to go to the office, request the promotion and, as soon as the system can verify that the first payroll has been entered into the account, the bonus is made. At that time the tax withholding will be made for 19% of the gift.


Ibercaja awards 150 euros as a gift to those who domicile their payroll in their digital bank, with the Vamos Account. To get the cash it is necessary to be a new client, carry assets of more than 1,500 euros per month and respect a period of stay of 24 months. Ibercaja’s Vamos Account has no commissions and offers a free debit card. The offer is valid until November 30.

Santander Bank

Banco Santander offers 100 euros for domiciliary a payroll, pension or benefit of at least 600 euros for 12 months. The bonus is subject to current tax regulations, so the bank will pay 81 euros net after applying the 19% withholding tax. The offer is valid until December 10, 2021.

In the account


BBVA offers 100 euros to young clients up to 29 years of age who open the account before the end of the year and direct their income equal to or greater than 800 euros, which must be kept in the Va Contigo Youth Payroll Account for at least 12 months. The account is commission-free and can be apply for a debit or credit card for free. The Va Contigo Youth Payroll Account is available to new BBVA customers and to former users who did not have their payroll domiciled in the entity, and can be contracted online, by telephone or at the entity’s offices.

Banco Mediolanum

The entity does not give cash, but it does give away exchangeable points. For bringing new clients to the bank, recommending a new Family Banker manager to work for the entity or when directing income or receipts, give points that are redeemable for gifts such as a kitchen robot, crockery, cutlery and even a television or an iPhone.

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