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In just a few days, specifically on December 22, State Lotteries and Betting will celebrate the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw. A highly anticipated annual event, in which millions of Spanish men and women will compete to win some of the great prizes of the draw. From the always expected Gordo, a first prize valued at 400,000 euros for the tenth player, up to others such as the second and third, where they can win 125,000 and 50,000 euros, respectively.

Given that there are only a few days left for the celebration of this event, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has shared a series of recommendations for this special date. Among them, keep the tickets in a safe place and make photocopies of both the front and the back of the banknote as evidence. And it is that, if the tenth is spoiled, it will have to be sent to the State Lotteries and State Betting Society, where they will determine if the prize can be collected or not. In case it is very unrecognizable, it must be sent to the National Mint and Stamp Factory, where they will determine the value of your ticket and if, indeed, you can receive the agreed prize.

Reasons why you should photocopy your tenth and write down who you are going to share it with

If you have lost the number, report the disappearance of it both at the police station and at LoterĂ­as y Apuestas del Estado. In the event that they cannot find your number or that it is too damaged to give you the corresponding award, you must obtain all the necessary evidence to prove that it was yours. From the fact that no one claims it to the seller’s testimonial or the analysis of the snippets. For the same reason, and to be as prepared as possible in the face of possible theft or damage, photocopy your numbers.

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Also photocopy them if you are going to share tickets with third parties, sign them so that it is recorded that it is also yours and, above all, pay them before the draw. The depository of the tenth must deliver a signed copy in which both his name and his ID appear. Also another series of data such as which person plays that number and the amount of euros bet to avoid misunderstandings when collecting the prize. From the OCU they ensure that sending a photo of the tenth by email or WhatsApp can also be a test, as long as the aforementioned data appears. Therefore, and before playing any number, let everything be very well explained to avoid problems later.

What to do in case you have bought lottery online

In case you have been encouraged to buy lottery online, make sure before making the purchase that you are on the official website of an authorized lottery administration. Remember that you can also do it on the state lottery and betting website so, in case of doubt, get your ticket there.

Once you have made the purchase, keep the electronic receipt of the tickets purchased until the day of the draw. As the OCU recalls, this document has the same validity as the paper tenth that is kept in the safe of the lottery administration.

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