German prosecutor requests the extradition of Puigdemont for rebellion and embezzlement




Likewise, he has asked to keep the former president of Catalonia in prison, while he processes his extradition to Spain, due to the risk of flight.


The German prosecutor’s office has today asked the Territorial Court of Schleswig to process the extradition to Spain of the former President of the Generalitat de Catalunya Carles Puigdemont by the crimes of rebellion and embezzlement of public funds. The fical has also asked keep in prison to the former president of Catalonia, while processing his extradition to Spain, for risk of escape.

Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena issued a Euro arrest warrant after the Catalan leader was prosecuted for rebellion and embezzlement of public funds on March 23. Two days later he was arrested in Germany on his return from Helsinki.

“The accusation of rebellion contemplates, essentially, the holding of an unconstitutional referendum despite the fact that violent confrontations were to be expected”, highlights in a statement the Prosecutor’s Office, which considers that the crime that the Spanish Justice imputes to Puigdemont may be equivalent to that of high treason included in the German Penal Code. “A literal coincidence of the German and Spanish precepts is not legally enforceable,” he stresses.

The accusations of embezzlement of public funds and corruption to carry out the illegal secessionist referendum of October 1, 2017, continues the Prosecutor’s Office, correspond to the crime of embezzlement also included in the German Penal Code.

The Prosecutor’s Office highlights that the police forces indicated that, “after the Violent clashes of September 20, 2017 between Catalan citizens and the Guardia Civil “, an escalation of violence was to be expected on the day of the referendum. Puigdemont, explains the Prosecutor’s Office,”nevertheless chose to keep the consultation Despite these warnings, he committed the autonomous police to guarantee that the supporters of independence could participate in the referendum. “

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“The reasons for his arrest due to risk of flight continue,” underlines the Prosecutor’s Office, who considers that “measures less than prison do not guarantee his stay in Germany” while the Territorial Court of Schleswig decides on his extradition.

The decision is up to the German court

Carles Puigdemont’s lawyer, Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas, stressed this Tuesday that the decision of the German Prosecutor’s Office was awaited to request the delivery of the former president of the Generalitat to Spain, and has trusted that the German court “knock down” this route and reject the extradition.

In statements to Rac1 collected by Europa Press, Cuevillas stressed that the decision communicated by the Prosecutor’s Office this Tuesday “was expected news and was within logic: what would have been exceptional is the opposite.”

According to Cuevillas, “now the decision depends on the German court”, in which he trusts so that the extradition does not finally take place.

Puigdemont ‘is clear that it is a political prisoner and that the Spanish State will try to make him pay for everything ‘

The Prosecutor’s Office has also requested that Puigdemont remain in prison because he sees a risk of flight, and Cuevillas points out that “it will be seen if alternatives can be proposed that mitigate this risk of flight.” He also stressed that the final decision of the court can be delayed between two and three months, although he has pointed out that it is an “exceptional case due to its relevance, the political component and the violation of fundamental rights that have occurred in the country of source”.

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Asked about the state of Puigdemont, Cuevillas explained that he is “great” and that he is very clear that he has not committed any crime of rebellion or embezzlement: “He is clear that he is a political prisoner and that the Spanish state will try to make him pay for everything and he’s ready for it. “

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