George Clooney, on his accident in 2018: “Even if you are in the last, for some you are just entertainment to hang on their Facebook” | People

George Clooney turned 60 last May, completing a total of 43 in the world of cinema. Thanks to his long career, he has become one of the biggest Hollywood stars with worldwide recognition, but both his career and his life came to hang by a thread on July 10, 2018, when the actor almost lost his life. , as he tells in an interview for the British newspaper The Sunday Times. That day, at eight in the morning, Clooney went to the filming of the television series Catch-22 (of which he is director and producer), mounted on his motorcycle and wearing a helmet, when he collided with a car and was thrown until it hit the windshield of the vehicle. After a two-meter flight, he fell to the asphalt receiving several blows to the head and knee. “I was waiting for the switch to be turned off,” he said, confessing that “he thought he would die” and how that became one of the most traumatic moments of his life.

The protagonist of the film saga Oceans’s Eleven He assures that the physical damage caused by the injuries was joined by the psychological one when he saw that the people who witnessed the accident, instead of helping him, dedicated themselves to recording the scene with their mobiles. “If you belong to the public sphere, you realize that, although you are in the last, for some people you are just more entertainment than hanging on their Facebook,” he criticized. The actor had to be hospitalized immediately and, although he was discharged a few days later, he has confessed that the accident was “very serious.” “My helmet broke in half, and my shoes flew off. The blow was strong. I broke the windshield with my head, and I thought, ‘Okay, well, that seems to be my neck.’ If we have nine lives, I exhausted them all at the same time ”, he has narrated.

The now sixty-year-old has been happy not to have to carry with sequels years later and has recognized that he looks “healthy.” “Turning 60 is a bummer, but it’s better than being dead. Knock on wood ”, he joked during the talk, indicating that since then he has not returned – nor will he return for an indefinite time – to ride a motorcycle, encouraged by the warnings of his wife, the 43-year-old lawyer and activist, Amal Clooney. “I have it forbidden. I ran over a guy at 110 kilometers per hour and I flew away, so I have moved away from the motorcycles ”, he affirmed, taking the opportunity to reveal some details of his marriage.

“This extraordinary woman came into my life and I could only fall madly in love with her. From the moment I met her I knew that everything was going to be different, ”Clooney said about the lawyer, who accompanied him at all times while he was admitted. He has recognized that the fact of “being parents” came naturally to them. “We had been married for a year now and we were staying with a friend who had a son … a bit noisy and annoying. I must confess that I was getting my head off like a hype and I went out for a walk with my wife, ”Clooney began to relate. “She had never thought about having children either and we had not even talked about it”, but the actor has continued to affirm that they were talking about “the luck” they have had in life, and how their desire to share that luck grew at times with other people. “I just had to tell her: ‘If you are in the plan …’, and she answered me immediately that we should try it,” he concluded.

The actor also gave his opinion on the #MeToo movement and its impact on the film industry during the conversation: “Things are changing. After the terrible things Harvey Weinstein did, being an idiot at work is no longer cool. “

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