Generalitat and JxCat will denounce the burning of Judas in Coripe for a hate crime


‘Burning of Judas’


Several people witnessed in that Sevillian town the celebration of the burning of Judas, which featured Puigdemont, whose figure was burned as an example “of the negative for society.”


Shooting and burning of the Puigdemont doll in Coripe.

The Government of Quim Torra and JxCat prepare complaints for the burning of a doll of the Catalan president Carles Puigdemont in Coripe (Seville), considering that it could be constitutive of a hate crime.

Many people witnessed Sunday in the main square of that Sevillian town the celebration of the burning of Judas, which had as its protagonist Carles Puigdemont, whose figure was burned as example “of the negative for society”.

“Simply horrid. Extreme disgust. Intolerable. We will denounce it”, the Catalan president wrote, Quim Roast, on his Twitter profile.

Sources from the Executive of Catalonia have specified that Torra has already spoken with the Catalan vice-president, Pere Aragonès, and has asked the legal services of the Generalitat to study the case, so that, at the government meeting scheduled for the next Wednesday is approved filing a complaint.

On the other hand, JxCat sources have explained that they are going to file another complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office to ask them to study whether there has been a hate crime.

In addition, JxCat will demand the resignation of the mayor of the Sevillian town, the socialist Antonio Pérez, and will ask that the Síndic de Greuges, the Catalan ombudsman, act.

Urkullu sees the facts as “regrettable”

The Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, has considered “regrettable” the burning of a doll that represented the figure of Carles Puigdemont in Coripe (Seville) and has asked that it be produced “a radical change of attitude in the last week of the electoral campaign “.

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Urkullu has considered that it is a “predictable outcome for a long time for a campaign of permanent crossing of accusations and reproaches.”

The mayor of Coripe downplays it

The mayor of Coripe has downplayed the burning. “It is a tradition that has been celebrated for many years and it is nothing more than a satire of some public figure who has not acted well,” he explained.

It is a “tradition” in which a public person “negative” for society is chosen and represented in the form of a doll. The neighbors walk the figure through the town while receiving insults and later, they hang it from a fig tree and receive shots until the burning begins.

However, the mayor of Coripe does not believe that it should be given more importance and calls the party a satire. “Other years the representation of Bárbara Rey, José María Aznar or Ana Julia Quezada has been burned and no controversy has been generated,” he insisted.

Puigdemont stresses that it is a message of hate

On Twitter, Puigdemont has reacted to what happened. “It is a message of hatred with all the will to generate hatred,” he stressed and lamented that there are even “minors” who have attended “as a normal thing to the orgy of violence unleashed against what I represent.”

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