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The figures of the tragedy that shakes Spanish society do not allow us to look the other way: 43 women have been murdered by their partners or ex-partners in Spain in 2021. The last one, Yolanda, was killed by her partner in her home with a gunshot on the head on December 25, Christmas Day. He was 25 years old and had two children. Each case is unique and each life taken must actively compromise not only women but also men, whose scandal at this lacerating trickle of deaths is not always audible with the radicality and power that the cause demands.

The historical series has improved, without any room for optimism. 2021 closes as the year with the fewest sexist murders within the couple, far from the 71 women who were killed in 2003, when the official statistics began. We are talking about 1,125 fewer women. In addition, since minor sons and daughters were also counted as direct victims of gender violence, 45 minors have been murdered and 336 have been orphans. The figures are unbearable.

The conditions for the complaint are still insufficient and ineffective because year after year a low percentage is repeated. In 2021, only 20.9% of those murdered had raised the alarm, one in five. Many women do not report because they fear for themselves and their children, because they are not aware of the danger, because they do not trust justice or because they do not know where or who to turn to. The institutions involved in preventing and warding off sexist violence have been looking for alternative ways to reach them for years before it is too late. These women go to the doctor because they usually have ailments related to abuse, their children may have some behavior that attracts attention in their schools, they have people around who can take the step for them. Hell this time is not the others because the arrival of help, the call or the clue that can prevent the greater evil depends to a great extent on the others: abuse is a hidden problem, but it is not invisible, or inaudible or imperceptible. A study by the Andalusian Institute for Women presented this week estimates that six out of 10 Andalusians know a victim of sexist violence in their environment (family or friends). However, data from the General Council of the Judiciary reveal that complaints from close associates do not even reach 2% of the total.

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The involvement of society is the central mechanism that can reduce the impact of sexist violence and send the unequivocal message that abusers have neither place nor possible complicity, nor should sexist and sexist behaviors that are at the base of sexist behavior have it. violence against women. That is why the campaigns and gestures of both individuals and politicians are important, despite the percentage of suspicious or denialists assumed by the extreme right: the renewal this year of the State Pact against Gender Violence was supported by all the parties of the House, except for Vox.

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