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Finalists Garbiñe Muguruza and Anett Kontaveit, during their group stage meeting at the WTA Finals, in Guadalajara, Mexico.
Finalists Garbiñe Muguruza and Anett Kontaveit, during their group stage meeting at the WTA Finals, in Guadalajara, Mexico.HENRY ROMERO (Reuters)

The Garbiñe Muguruza moment has arrived. The Spanish, fifth in the world ranking, has her sights set on being the first tennis player in the country to win a Masters. He will compete in an unusual setting: on the Guadalajara field, in western Mexico. His rival will be the pride of Estonia, Anett Kontaveit, whom he beat in the first phase of the WTA Finals (double 6-4).

Mugurza, the favorite in the Mexican stands, overcame a tough debut after falling against Czech Pliskova 4-6, 6-2 and 7-6 (6). Then he took flight by beating Krejcikova (6-2, 6-3 and 6-4). Then came the crucial victory over Kontaveit. In the semifinals, the former world number one beat a fierce Paula Badosa (double 6-3). Kontaveit, eighth in the world, registered victories against Pliskova, Krejcikova and, in the lead up to the final, passed over the Greek Maria Sakkari (6-1 and double 6-3).

The game will be at (2.30, Spanish time; 19.30, local time). Follow the grand finale live in the narration of EL PAÍS from the city of Guadalajara:

Diego Mancera

The field of the Akron complex, in Guadalajara, is ready to receive the two finalists of the Teachers’ Cup. This is how it looks in the absence of half an hour from the meeting

Diego Mancera

The Spanish, who is in fifth place in the ranking, reached the final after a confrontation with the Catalan Paula Badosa. In this chronicle, Alejandro Ciriza breaks down the attributes of Muguruza: “He broke the Caracas in the fourth game and sprinted without looking back, at full throttle and without any distraction. In machine mode. Two indicators: saw with the teeth and electric waddle to the rest. From claw to claw. A player in orbit ”. You can enjoy this chronicle by clicking here

(Photo: Europa Press)

Diego Mancera

My partner, Alejandro Ciriza, is EL PAÍS’s tennis expert. During the last years he has shelled and analyzed the history of Garbiñe Muguruza. One of the essential interviews is from 2017, after winning Wimbledon. There he explained the phenomenon he caused in Spain, his talent and, above all, his tenacity. “For a girl as emotional as you, so intense, it must not be easy to hold back,” asked the journalist. “You have to put everything in a drawer, like: not this, not this, not this either … What you have to do is contain a little, calm down and even be a bit of an actress at times. Sometimes on the track I have to put poker-face and to pretend that I am calm, but inside I am tense “, answered the finalist today of the Masters. You can read this interview here

Diego Mancera

Hello everyone! Diego Mancera, a journalist for EL PAÍS in Mexico, writes to them. This Spanish morning I will tell you the most relevant of the final of the Teachers Cup from Guadalajara. In the sports complex there is a favorite and it is Garbiñe Muguruza. The one born in Caracas (Venezuela) has made an absolute click with the Mexicans. Anett Konaveit, from Estonia, wants to close its 2021 with force.

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